Ballistic Overkill General Gaming Guide

Ballistic Overkill General Gaming Guide

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Ballistic Overkill General Guide

There are many items in the guide for Ballistic Overkill free download game including musts to play well, strong advices, and some information about the weapon.

Musts to Getting the Best Result

  • You should disable the mouse acceleration in the Windows settings. Move to the Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound. Then, click Mouse and go to Pointer Options tab. Next, uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision box. That process can be slightly different for various PCs.

Ballistic Overkill General Gaming Guide

  • Aside from that, you do not utilize any extremely high mouse sensitivity in Ballistic Overkill online game because it will limit your skill and your action will not be accurate. You are allowed to experiment the lower sensitivity so as to make it more compatible with your goal.
  • In case your own PC is not high end, you do not play the game on the max settings due to it will obviously diminish your frame rates. Actually, there are many persons who own amazing PCs still play on the low settings in order to receive the greatest edge for their reaction time as the lag gets less. You are recommended to have a playable FPS (frames per second/frame rate) in that situation. An absolute minimum frame rate that you are using should be 30 FPS. But, with over 60 FPS, you will have a better experience. Also, you will hit more shots and you can’t be hurt easily by a sudden drop in the frame rate.
  • There is another guide that you can refer when playing Ballistic Overkill online Don’t engage any match in which you will get the trouble with lag! You can check the PING first. If you fall into that problem, make sure you have other apps which run on your PC as they may be keeping your resources.
  • Don’t forget to discover how to control the recoil of the gun that you are equipped! Fire at a wall and pull down the mouse to keep the bullet holes in a small spot. Burst or tap firing is an essential solution to solve recoil.
  • Strafe! It means moving to the side and not coming forward. Moving side to side will let you take the advantage as the enemy has to keep track you. However, you are advised to know how you are going and can account for it. When you get too close, you are able to strafe a complete circle around the target, especially as a class having the high movement like Shadow.
  • Always move but not in a straight line!
  • Play against other stronger players in Ballistic Overkill free game, particularly if you begin to take over all the time.
  • Be aware of the map, spawning points, and other common areas of traffic! Memorize respawn times as you will know exactly when the foe you have already killed will come running out again.
  • Fight strategically! Flank, use alternate routes and strategic grenades in locations where are highly populated, as well as skillfully cope with the existing weapons and understand the own class.
  • ADS (aim down sight or right clicking) each time you fire so that you can eliminate the prey quicker and save more ammo which cut down reload frequency which will keep you safe when the next antagonist appears a moment later. Nevertheless, remember not to ADS continuously because it will restrict the vision and movement.
  • Reload properly and wisely! Try to cover yourself when you become a big target while trying to reload and launch killstreaks!
  • You can play with lethal intent. That means you can aim for headshots and make the first shot count.
  • Use a mouse, not your trackpad!

Strong Recommendations

  • A headset will make your awareness become better during the combat of Ballistic Overkill online. You can feel more sensible. And you will not get snuck up on when you hear well.
  • A consistent mouse pad is helpful for you to fast and accurately move. If you are using a low sensitivity, it’s pretty important to get a bigger mouse pad.
  • Don’t roam around crouching!
  • Do not go back to the same spot where you died before if you want to revenge! Defend yourself and make the enemy surprised!
  • Learn about every class and their weapon along with abilities to figure out the way to deal with them.
  • Good players will bring to you many tactics and experiences. Watch them and use their style as a tactic for your own!
  • Be careful of pre-firing! A smart opponent can realize your presence and destroy you easily.
  • The radar is a handy tool to track the enemy and look for the new victim.
  • Sprinting/in line of sight/unsilenced weapon firing will make the adversary shown. But, an enemy firing with a silenced weapon/walking/standing/jumping/not in line of sight will not be seen. Thus, the radar is not the end. And, you must keep spying the surrounding environment.
  • Crouch and stand still to increase the accuracy while jumping or walking or sprinting will decrease it.
  • Keep an eye on the damage directional indicators to acquire the target before they put an end to your life!
  • Confusing or surprising the other will give you the advantage.
  • Keep your crosshair parallel to the ground if you are controlling a weapon like a shotgun.
  • When you detect a sniper across the playing field, take pot shots at him with something like a sidearm, SMG or a shotgun. Don’t do that if you don’t have any appropriate reason!
  • You can improve the next match after you die by asking why the worst happened to you.
  • Make sure your laptop is plugged into power when you are fighting.
  • It’s fairly exciting when getting wired internet for web browsing/downloading files/video viewing. It will make your life more interesting.

Weapons Basic Playstyle Guide

There are various weapons in Ballistic Overkill free to play game.

Shotgun Sniper SMG/MP LMG/AR Katana Grenade Launcher
Shotgun Sniper SMG/MP LMG/AR Katana Grenade Launcher
You can aim with your feet, strafe side to side, and fire when the crosshair is over the antagonist. Place the crosshair at one point and trigger when they line up. Headshots are more effective. Practice flicks in a private server for objects or areas on a wall if you don’t have any friend to do with. Speed will be advantageous. The fast move allows you to throw the opponent’s aim off. It has a scope used for long ranges. Constantly move and use backstabs to kill the other. You can prevent the rival team from taking over an area with grenade launchers.

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