Ballistic Overkill: General Gaming Guide

Ballistic Overkill: General Gaming Guide

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In this article, you will have the useful information to level up in Ballistic Overkill game. Even you can become the top player. Everything displayed here is easy for you to do. This guide can be updated as the changes in the game. Hope it can help you develop much!

1. The necessary musts to play well

  • You need to disable mouse acceleration in Window settings when playing Ballistic Overkill online. So, you will go to the Control Panel, choose Hardware and Sound, click Mouse. Then, move to Pointer Options tab and uncheck Enhance Pointer Precision box.
  • Don’t use the extremely high mouse sensitivity in Ballistic Overkill game! It will make your skill level out, and you can’t act accurately. With the low sensitivity, you can become suitable for the target.
  • In case, your computer is not high, you don’t play on max settings because it will make your frame rates lower. Many players still play on low settings receive the greatest edge for their reaction time. You should have a playable FPS (frames per second/frame rate). At least, it must be 30 FPS. But it is better with 60+ FPS.
  • You shouldn’t join in Ballistic Overkill matches in which you will lag. You can check the PING first. If you get trouble, make sure you close the applications running on your PC. They reduce the resources.
  • You can learn the way to control the recoil of the gun. Just fire at a wall and pull down your mouse to keep the bullet holes in the small area. Shooting in Ballistic Overkill is an important way to check recoil.
  • Strafe means moving to the side. This action helps you the advantages when the rival follows you. If you move too close, you can strafe a full circle the target. Especially, your movement class looks like the Shadow.
  • Strive to move in Ballistic Overkill game wisely. Don’t go following the straight line!
  • Push your character by playing against the top players if you start to dominate.
  • You should know the maps, spawns, common areas. Remember the respawn times to know exactly when the rival will run out again.
  • Play the Ballistic Overkill game with the good tactics. You can flank, take other routes, or throw grenades at the crowded areas.
  • Aim down sight (ADS) in most of the times you shoot. You can destroy faster. It saves bullets and your life. But don’t use ADS constantly because it will restrict the movement and vision.
  • Don’t forget to reload! Stay in cover when you are the big prey or when you want to kill.
  • Try to aim for the headshot! This means playing with the survival intent.
  • You can use a mouse that is not your trackpad. It looks like playing without fingers.

2. The effective advice:

  • The headset will improve your sense and awareness. You can hear well when playing the Ballistic Overkill game.
  • Use a mouse pad consistent to move quickly and accurately. It is important to have a bigger mouse pad when you are using a low sensitivity.
  • Don’t crouch too much!
  • Don’t go back the position where you died! Especially, when you are a sniper.
  • Should learn every class and weapon to know how to use them effectively. Also, explore the good players. You can receive many exciting tactics from them.
  • Be careful of pre-firing! The opponent in Ballistic Overkill game will alert of your presence and kill you.
  • Use the radar to follow the enemies and seek the victims. Sprinting in the line of sight or utilizing unsilenced weapon will make you get trouble.
  • Crouching and standing increase the accuracy while jumping, walking, or sprinting decrease this.
  • Keep an eye on the damage directional indicators before you are out.
  • Confuse the enemy for that extra moment will bring you the advantage.
  • Let the crosshair parallel to the ground when you are using the shotgun.
  • When seeing a sniper, take pot shots with a sidearm, SMG, shotgun. Don’t do it if you don’t have a good reason.
  • When you die, ask yourself the reason it happened. You should not be angry.
  • If you are on the laptop, make sure it is plugged in.
  • Playing the Ballistic Overkill game with the wired internet is amazing for browsing, downloading, viewing. But it makes your life.

3. The basic guides for the weapons playstyle in Ballistic Overkill:

  • ShotgunShotgunaim with your feet, strafe side to side, and fire when the crosshair is over the rival.
  • SniperSniper: focus your crosshair on getting more accurate. You need to have the trap technique. Place the crosshair in a spot and shoot when they line up. You’d better get the headshots.SMG/MP
  • SMG/MP: use the speed as the advantage. Try to act as fast as you can!LMG/AR
  • LMG/AR: it depends on your playstyle and weapon. Use the scope for the long ranges.Katana
  • Katana: used in case you want to cut or stab someone when playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher: is the grenade launcher.

4. Others in Ballistic Overkill guide:

  • You can use a light, wired mouse, and the side buttons to rebind keys.
  • Rebind the chat keys so as not to push them accidentally. T key may mess up in a vital moment. You can’t chat much during the match.
  • Rebind crouch to C. It is easier to push.
  • Rebind grenades and knife to the mouse’s side buttons. You can use X-Mouse Button Control program to rebind keys if the game can’t recognize the side buttons.
  • Rebind weapon is convenient. Q key is suboptimal to push with WASD. It is same as grenade and knife on G and F.
  • You can turn on or off ADS and motion blur.
  • Take part in a clan or team on [] if you like to get more advice.
  • Follow the target in Ballistic Overkill online and quick draw.
  • You can duel. Before playing the first matches of the day, you can join in a private match with friends and focus on the shooting. Place yourself in the closed environment to aim the headshots.

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