Ballistic Overkill General Gaming Tutorial

Ballistic Overkill General Gaming Tutorial

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Time to research on a general gaming tutorial on Ballistic Overkill! With this guide, you will surely be helped to level up your skills from being a beginner to the professional one. In this guide, there are so many critical and fundamental things relating to gameplay that you should know, especially when you are a higher level. If you follow them, surely you will become a top player soon.
The Players Have To Play Well


Debilitate mouse speeding up in Windows setting: Move to Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, click Mouse, move to Pointer Options tab, and start unchecking Enhance Pointer Precision box.

You mustn’t use high mouse reactivity in the game. This is self-restricting when your skill will exceed and you can’t be more precise. You should test with lower reactivity to be more constant with your aiming.
If you don’t have a deluxe PC, you shouldn’t play on maximum settings because it will reduce your frame rates. Actually, lots of players that have nice PCs will decide to play on low settings to obtain the largest edge for their reactivity time when they lag less. You are required to get a playable FPS (frame rate).
You are required to have the least frame rate, like 30 FPS, however, it will be totally better if you have 60+ FPS. You can launch more shots and you will not injure much by an unexpected drop in frame rate.
Don’t engage in matches in which you will lag (explore the PING first). If lag happens, just be sure that you shut down other unnecessary applications on your PC since they probably are hogging your resources.
Try to know how to direct the recoil of the gun that you are utilizing. Shoot the gun at a wall and hold down the mouse to maintain the bullet holes in one tiny location. A crucial way of directing recoil is to blow up/tap shooting
Blast! You will go to the side and you won’t just going forward. Going side to side will bring you benefit when the enemy has to follow your movement but you learn how you are making a move and you easily seize it in your targeting. When being close, you can attack a complete circle around your target, particular the Shadow, a tough movement class.
You should always be walking but not in a direct line. A foreseeable is a dead player.
Shove yourself by battling against the excellent players, particularly if you begin to rule all the time.
Learn more about the maps, spawns and other usual locations of traffic. Always remember respawn times as you will learn when the enemy that you have just destroyed will come out and rush once again.
Play the game and try to use your tactics or nice strategies. Flank, take replacement way, utilize tactical grenades in dense locations, be adaptable about what class and weapon you are currently utilizing and you shouldn’t be foreseeable.
Frequently ADS (aim down sight or right clicking) when you shoot! Doing that will support you to destroy faster and hence, you can save up more bullets which reduce reload frequency that will rescue your life when the subsequent enemy comes out and rushes for a bit. But, you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t ADS continuously because it will limit the movement and vision.
Always keep in mind that you need to reload but you have to fulfill it wisely. Try to cover yourself when you can because you are large target when you reload and you probably want the kill streaks.
Play with deadly purpose! You must deliver headshots, aim for them, and try to perform the initial shot perfectly.
Don’t use the trackpad, just use the mouse! Some players do that but it’s kind of bad idea.
Significant Recommendations
The headphones will strongly enhance your consciousness and other senses in the game. If you can hear clearly, you won’t be snuck up.
All players are required to have a mouse pad. Although there are some modern mice track which are completely okay on the surfaces, you still probably want to utilize the optimum surface that is constant and will support your fast movements to become very precise. Having a larger mouse pad is very vital for those who are currently utilizing a low reactivity.
Don’t crouch and roam around
Be more intelligent about the revenge capabilities by not returning to the similar location where you get destroyed, particularly if it’s a sniper. Just try to deliver your surprising attack to the enemies instead.
Know more about each class and weapon to learn how to fight them back
Observe more excellent players; you will know a bunch of strategies and tactics, and you can utilize the way they play for your own match.
Be smart with pre-shooting. A wise enemy will be realized your existence and wipe you out.
Try to use the radar which is located on the top left corner of the HUD so that you can follow your opponents and search for your victims. Always remember that running/in queue of vision or noisy weapon shooting will cause an opponent to turn up but an opponent shooting with a quieted weapon, strolling, standing, jumping or not in queue of vision will not turn up, hence the radar will not be the finish of all, and you need to continue being aware of your surroundings.
Your accuracy will be developed if you crouch and stand while taking a leap, strolling or running will reduce it.
Be aware of the damage directional indicators to obtain your target before they destroy you
Get your enemy confused or surprised to obtain additional moment that can bring you an advantage.
You should hold your crosshair parallel to the ground when it is the place that the opponents will be, particularly if you are currently utilizing a shotgun.
If you catch sight of a sniper on the map, and you shoot at him with a thing like a sidearm, SMG or a shotgun will make him shoot you. Hence, avoid that and if you have a good reason, you can do.
When dying, just ask yourself the reason why it occurred and switch things that were wrong rather than raging.
If you play your game on a laptop, you need to ensure that your laptop is plugged in while you are in the game. This will support you with FPS and it will not get froze while you’re in the battle.
Your internet should have wires and this will be great for the web browsing/downloading files or video viewing, and it will be much better for your game.
Weapons Basic Playstyle Guide


Your feet are used for aiming, blasting side to side and shooting when your crosshair is on your enemy


Stay concentrated on the crosshair to be more precise
Trap technique is very vital to know, put your crosshair in one zone and shoot when they queue up.
Try the headshots if possible and if your target got damage decrease.

Utilize your speed wisely. If you perform the fast movement, the aiming of the enemy will be thrown away as it’s tougher to follow

It totally depends on the way of playing and weapon
If it is equipped with scope, you should utilize it for long ranges, or else you will fire yourself in the leg when you miss most of the shots

If you want to kill enemies, just start to play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Keep moving and utilize backstabs, or else you will be destroyed by a good player all the time.
Grenade Launcher

This weapon will be switching in future. Keep calm and wait for it!
A player’s preferences
Utilize a light, mouse that has wired with side buttons and they will be good for rebinding keys.
You need to rebind chat keys in order not to shove them accidentally. T key is beside your reload key, and you can mess up in an important moment, and you perhaps can’t chat when you are in the middle of the map.
Try to rebind knife and grenade to the side buttons of the mouse. Just utilize X-Mouse button control for rebinding keys to the mouse if you are not acknowledged by the side buttons of the mouse.
Rebind the weapon change to the scroll click or other buttons that can bring convenience. The Q can be substandard when shoving it obstructs your fingers on WASD.
Switch off motion blur.
Engage in a clan/team [] if you want to obtain a private advice and when a person got your back, you can last longer and get extra time for practicing rather that returning to the spawn after experiencing your death.
You can practice several things, like following, hold your crosshair on a target when both of you are moving, and fast draw, snap the ADS on your target at the exact place that you want to perform headshots.

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