Ballistic Overkill: How To Get An Infinite Learning Achievement

Ballistic Overkill: How To Get An Infinite Learning Achievement

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How to get an Infinite Learning achievement

In the great Ballistic Overkill online game, you are able to open up tons of achievements once you meet requirements aside from trying to defend your hero against a large number of enemies. One of them is known as Infinite Learning. Our guide will give you the best solution so you can use to get that cherished medal in the shortest time. It will come with a brief instruction and a list of essential words.

Infinite Learning

We need to explore the map library in Ballistic Overkill ps4 game named “HAKIM” or ” HAKIM LIBRARY”. Note that spoilers should not be resolved to find out the answer to the current puzzle at the bottom of the manual if you do not want to spoil your comfortable moments of finding the key to a riddle. However, you can save your time if you follow our tutorial.

Additionally, remember that the achievement will belong to you by creating your own server (PLAY> CUSTOM MATCH). Therefore, you will set a closed server (private) in the Free For All mode. Here is the board, on the second floor, which took a few evenings and made every spam to the chat.

It is in it that the key to achievement in the cool Ballistic Overkill Xbox one game is revealed, namely the words. Here is the rule that you can check before seeking them: You can see various terms. They are written down on a paper. There are about 42 words. But, there will be only 3 needed. You must enter them at the level of the general chat by using the Enter key, one by one.

  • Firstly, you should take a pen and a small paper piece to figure out the correct password. Besides, you can move or shoot in the air since the game will say that you are throwing afk.
  • When you have mastered those 3 targets, you can stop searching for a board.

We have another easy method if you are lazy. Indeed, you can have a look at these if you’d like to keep progressing rapidly


aquiris steam horizon

Actually, you can approach the Infinite Learning achievement in Ballistic mac game without difficulty.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading the instruction! Why don’t you return to your match and experience the present guide? Hope that it can help you!


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