Ballistic Overkill Guide To Dominate With The Berserker Class

Ballistic Overkill Guide To Dominate With The Berserker Class

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Guide to Dominate with the Berserker Class

Berserker is an amazing class in Ballistic Overkill free game. To become the winner when using that character, you should learn about the weapons and other perks that you will choose. Once you master them, you can play and control dangerous situations better.



When you reach Level 3, you will open up the Whirlwind Machine Pistols. You can utilize these guns until you hit Level 15. They will help you cause the highest damage to the enemy at the close range. Additionally, they can make the Berserker become extremely powerful.

Do not forget to pick the Right+Click option to diminish the spread which is purely ravaging, and even be successful at mid-range.

When you win Level 14 and step into the next stage, you will obtain a Supernova. It is a silenced submachine gun coming with a very high rate of fire. It will inflict physical harm on the target at a bit farther range. Moreover, you will not be seen on radar while you are shooting.

Submachine Gun

But, do not try the Right+Click because that will not allow you to aim down the spots. For you have ever experienced the Supernova, you could recognize that it did too little damage at the long range. At the close range, you can fire more accurately if you just shoot from the hip. Aside from that, keep in mind that the accuracy that you have in the Ballistic Overkill download game will be improved when you stand still. As that Supernova is quiet, it can make for an awesome camping firearm. If you are not detected, stop moving and hip-fire to increase your state of being precise with the damage output.

At around Level 16 or 17, you will be granted Quickfix Machine Pistols. Swap the Whirlwind Pistols out to take the Quickfix. It has a slightly larger clip size. It does a lot of more headshot damage, too. Other stats are similar to the Whirlwind, making the Quickfix get higher-ranking. The Right+Click fire to decrease the spread as stated previously. They are the only equipment that you are recommended to select as the Berserker. Some of them may accomplish the purpose with shotguns or the Felon assault rifle, based on your playing style.

Quickfix Machine Pistols


Perks in Bold are items bringing fringe benefits for players in Ballistic Overkill online game. You need to know that each Berserker will be able to access to the Fury Mode. After every kill that you collect, you will gain 30% damage resistance for 6 seconds which appear with the following listed perks:

Go Ballistic

Berserker will gather +10% damage. Meanwhile, he can achieve an extra +15% damage in Fury Mode.

Hit and Run

Whilst you are walking, Berserker will get +40% accuracy and +40% recoil reduction. If he is joining the mode above, he can earn +10% movement speed.


The Fury Mode of the cool Ballistic Overkill free game is available at all times. Nevertheless, the bonus resistance will be lowered to 15% instead of 30%.

Shotgun Expert

Berserker will have +3 meters to the range of every weapon and +25% reload speed. When he engages Fury Mode, he will hold an extra +15% reload speed.


Berserker will acquire +5% fire rating and 5% per kill. Caps at 3 kills (20% rate of fire). If he is in Fury Mode, he will accumulate 10% rate of fire.

Lurk in Plain Sight

While launching bullets at somebody in the Ballistic Overkill free to play game, Berserker will be given +90% fall damage resistance. The noise caused by his footsteps will drop by 50%.

Recommendations by Desolater IV

You can take the bloodlust perk because it can rise up your fire rate. It is more useful when it is cooperated with weapons having the high rate. It will speed up and finish off the foe in a wink. Meanwhile, the Go Ballistic Perk is helpful to further ameliorate your damage.

  • Here is the breakdown of the buffs that you will be provided when using Bloodlust and Go Ballistic:

+ 5% Rate of Fire + 5% per kill (capped at 3) = 20%+ rate of fire after 3 kills

+ 10% damage

+ 30% damage resistance for 6 seconds after each kill

+ 10% rate of fire for 6 seconds after each kill

+ 15% damage for 6 seconds after each kill

Note! They stack for 6 seconds after every destroyed victim.

Besides, you can opt for the Guts Perk instead of the Go Ballistic Perk. Guts will keep the Fury active, but lessen the resistance bonus to 15%.

  • Here’s what will happen when utilizing Guts and Bloodlust:

+ 15% Rate of Fire Active At all Times + 5% per Kill (capped at 3) = 30% rate of fire after 3 kills

+ 15% damage resistance doing anytime

The alternate perk setup can work very well.


The section will explain what will assist you the most in Ballistic Overkill download game.

Map Awareness

Because Berserker is a close-range class, you are advised to stay away from the vision of sniper. As well, do not stay in one place for too long.

Health Packs

They are scattered across the battlefield. You can search for them by looking at your radar. They are essential for you to restore your health after you withdraw encounters. In certain game modes of Ballistic Overkill game such as Team Deathmatch, a lot of full heal packs can be found in the center of the map. You can create a habit of fetching them when possible.

Bunny Hopping

Tap Spacebar while running to have a slight boost. The other opponents will get troubles if they want to eliminate you. It is a skill which is not easy to manage.


Ballistic Overkill ps4 game has the latency, which is what you catch sight of your screen that is about half a second ahead of the event that your rivals are playing. In other words, it is when you spot someone is throwing deadly attacks at you. If you do no cover or hide promptly, you will die immediately. Fortunately, they cannot shoot you through a wall.

Be situated on one side

It is necessary to understand the playfield. You can be proficient in choosing the location to sprint behind or to the side and settling on where safe points are located.


You can demolish a tank existing in the Ballistic Overkill online game in 1 second or less at close range.


Some persons love to camp outside the shield of their spawn. If you are a Berserker, you can put an end to their life rapidly by doing enough damage. Please act before they move behind the barrier.

Swapping Weapons

A mouse wheel is a tool that can switch the gear. Swap them often when you enter an unsafe area.

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