Ballistic Overkill: Self-sustaining Vanguard

Ballistic Overkill: Self-sustaining Vanguard

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The build is detected when [D̲E̲L̲T̲A̲] StooPit (one of the players in the game) die too many times with the Berserker in Ballistic Overkill FFA . And he gain the precious experience after that. And this build is about the way to alllow him to be in the action without being killed too much.

He finds out the best way to reduce damage in Ballistic Overkill online game from bullets and grenades with the raising of damage output and reload speed when being hit or attacked.

1 point:
– the scavenger
– the second wind

2 points:
– provoke
– courage
– avoid

3 points
– the fast recovery

4 points:
– the rush
– the carelessness

With many choices of the weapon in Ballistic Overkill game, he went with the Widower. The reason he selects the Widower above the Strife it because it has a silencer and a larger clip.
This allows him invisible, and he can shoot longer.

If you want to have more damage output and higher firing rate, you can choose Strife.

If you don’t like Assault Rifles (AR’s ) with scopes, you can choose one of AR’s.

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