Patch 1.1.7 – New Skills And Game Mode Changes fixed

Patch 1.1.7 – New Skills And Game Mode Changes fixed

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Patch 1.1.7 is the new update to Ballistic Overkill. And this is the good news for players who looking forward to the improvements for their game. The outstanding parts that we want to mention consist of new skills for all of the classes, capture the point game mode and performance upgrades. In which, the performance upgrades will make the game become more stable and get hiccups less. In case you have any trouble or new findings from the game, you should inform via support and feedback. Also, share your news via e-mail ( or forum ( And now, let\’s explore and see what you will receive in the update! Just read the following release notes!


Main Improvements

Improvements are very important to make Ballistic Overkill better. Firstly, we will talk about the improvement for the performance upgrade.

  • Performance upgrade

If you are the fan of this fast-paced action game, you will know that the game should be more stable. And from this moment, you will not get any trouble with the instability or other hiccups during the combat. However, you can send your issues to forums when the game can\’t run in a machine that reaching or exceeding the minimum requirements.

  • Resupply stations repositioning

About this renovation, you can understand that this is a test and it is not the last. Changes in the flow of the game with this new resupply distribution on the map are being analyzed, too. If you are players who camping or you feel afraid of leaving the spawn point, you will soon receive the best solutions. And this is also the stories that we\’d like to know to figure out the further changes in this mechanics.

  • New Mode – Capture Point


  • Class Traits and Skills

New Skill – Berserker are able to hide in Plain Sight

While sprinting, Berserker is invisible on the map.

Skill – Bloodlust (uncontrollable desire to kill or maim others)

Increase the Damage amount stack from 3% to 4%


With \”on kill regeneration\”, Vanguard is pretty strong. Scavenger is one of the factors placing him above other classes. Scavenger will be removed in the Ballistic Overkill as a trait and adding it as a Skill instead. When he receives some changes in skills, he can advance to the same tier as other classes.

  • Class Traits and Skills

Trait – Scavenger was removed

New Skill – Scavenger

When walking over a slain body, Vanguard will restore +50% of the max ammo, and +1 grenade. Besides, Vanguard will be able to get +10% damage resistance.

Skill – Carelessness was also deleted

New Skill – Modified DNA

Vanguard can achieve +15% max health.

Trait – Regeneration

Life for each second is nerfed from 2.5% to 2.0%.

Skill – Weapons Expert

Added +5% damage resistance

Skill – Action Hero

Increase the accuracy while moving up to 40% while the damage resistance against explosions is reduced to 30%.

  • Weapon Balance

Reduced heavy metal rate of fire and damage slightly


The big change in Wraith occurred is for the Lethal skill. This skill is too perfect for you to choose without worrying about anything. The extra range from it was removed. But it was added a new skill. This change may help players create different Wraith builds.

  • Class Traits and Skills

New Skill – Combat Wraith

Now, Wraith can gather +15% to the damage resistance, +10 meters to the range of all weapons, and 5% for sprinting speed.

Skill – Lethal

Cancel +10 meters to range of all weapons

Skill – Elite Shooter

Increased reload speed and rate of fire per kill to 10% (was 9%), and 5% (was 4%).


  • Class Traits and Skills

New Skill – Vampire

Shadow will be able to restore +10% health per melee strike. Not only that, backstabs can recover 100% health.

  • Weapon Balance

Decreased Switchblade rate of fire


When you play Ballistic Overkill game, you can feel that he should own more grenades than other classes. However, the extra grandes trait made too much spam. The developer team changed it to a grenade regeneration trait. Additionally, Grenadier can gain lots of indirect changes because of the grenade launchers\’ adjustments. Currently, it is friendly and useful to players.

  • Class Traits and Skills

Trait – Trait – Removed +2 Grenades

Trait – Added Grenade Regeneration

When he runs out of grenades, he can recover +1 grenade after 8 seconds. Remember that Grenadier can never have more than 1 grenade at the same time!

New Skill – Restraint

He can reach +50% explosive damage, but he will lose -75% explosive range with grenades and grenade launchers.

  • Weapon Balance

Grenade launchers max damage was decreased slightly while min damage was increased and the range was reduced.

Being reduced the max damage is not as bad as you think because of the direct hit fix. So, direct hits and close hits will be better while medium range hits are strongly nerfed.


  • Class Traits and Skills

New Skill – Last Stand

The Tank can withstand death within 5 seconds.


Patch 1.1.7 offers essential fixes for the Ballistic Overkill game.

  • All of the loadouts have been reset.

It means that there were some players using weapons that they weren’t supposed. To fix this issue and eliminate the bugs related to the new skills, the loadouts were reset for players right from the first time they access the game.

The server list can show the ping in dedicated servers.

The reason why the ping is not shown for players created matches is that Steam doesn\’t deliver critical information in this situation. In player matches, the country and region will be displayed instead.

  • Grenade Launcher projectiles can cause the max damage with direct hits.

The grenade damage was calculated by the distance between the player and the explosion. But, the trouble is that the origin of a player is located somewhere between his feet. Thus, when the target got a hit at the head, he would receive less damage than hitting near his feet. Now, you can launch grenades and create max damage with the direct hits. And so, the balance of the grenade launcher was adjusted.

  • You are possible to reset Loadouts in Ballistic Overkill without leaving or exiting the game.

Note that you can get a big hiccup when you accomplish this. But there are no other setbacks until now.

Projectiles from Grenade Launchers are very effective with the max damage

Fixed the bug where grenades caused damage to former teammates when switching teams

Updated several skill icons

Fixed the color of Capturable Point UI

The server list defaults the number of players

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