Vanguard Class Review

Vanguard Class Review

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Vanguard Class Review

Ballistic Overkill online is an awesome action game where you are able to choose any character to start. One of them is Vanguard. It is a popular class that you can check.

Vanguard Class Review


Vanguard in Ballistic Overkill game is a generic soldier found on every FPS genre title. It is the second tank class after the Tank. He is equipped with a big collection of assault rifle that can help you solve your enemies in every situation. Meanwhile, his shotguns are great to surprise the prey. Additionally, he also owns two pistols in Ballistic Overkill mac that can be switched whenever you want. So, we can say that he is very appropriate for almost kinds of encounters in Ballistic Overkill game. For those who have joined, they can feel convenient to take the role of Vanguard whilst skilled competitors can change that class into an “unbreakable mighty glacier”. Besides, Vanguard is considered a starter class in F2P-era Ballistic.

Along with Grenadier having his HP buffed to 250, Vanguard of Ballistic Overkill ps4 game will be less exciting to control as a close or mid-range who is formed to live longer than the foes. However, he will shine shortly. Meantime, you can opt for Widower.


  • Simple to manage for the novice
  • 250 starting HP
  • It is possible to refill ammo refill and heal after the match ( 15/17.4 HP and 10% Ammo)
  • Various weapons
  • Have the best assault rifle.
  • Abilities will be improved once he can stay alive
  • Late-game shotguns are 1-hit-kill.

Aside from pros that the Vanguard class possesses in Ballistic Overkill online game, he still has some cons.


  • It’s quite slow.


His role will depend on the equipment and skills that he deploys. He can stand on a frontline with Tank and Berserker or lay down to fire behind them or hop around with his shotgun when he has enough balls. The final choice is pretty interesting and dangerous.

Vanguard becomes famous in King of the hill mode due to his high HP and skillfulness. These elements help him gather the health pack without effort without leaving his cover. Action Hero will protect him from getting bombard with grenade launchers of Grenadier.


Modified DNA

+16% max health (+40 max health)

Although it looks boring, it is actually helpful.

Extra 40 HP for Vanguard can make him

Need 2 more shots to eliminate him

Keep living taking a body shot from every sniper rifle in Ballistic Overkill game (with Wraith’s Critical Hit restarted, not even the Interdiction can kill him in one hit now)

Therefore, he can only fall down when playing Ballistic Overkill when it is a headshot or a double-nade. Perhaps a few shotgun build can do one shot on him. Nevertheless, it is really rare so that can occur, based on the method that these items are operated. You’d better pay attention to how to switch your loadout. No more, due to critical hits change. If you have not recognized those modifications, those deadly attacks will make Wraith’s gear skip -25% damage penalty after hitting lower body parts. It gained over25% damage when covered at a previous time.

Fast recovery

Get 2% HP regen per second (5HP per second or 6 HP with Modified DNA)

It will cause Vanguard to undergo with no need from medkits. It is a good skill that Ballistic Overkill Xbox one offers for every defensive Vanguard who tries to keep away from those supplies.

You can test that on King of the hill mode, especially when you want to take over the current location and it is not easy to jump out in order to pick up the active health pack nearby.

Weapons expert

25% accuracy, +25% recoil reduction, and +10% damage

Additional accuracy and recoil reduction are advantageous at all times. However, a 10% damage bonus can turn the skill into a valuable expertness to master.

With the extra 10% damage, the Vanguard’s onslaught damage will get a breakpoint that can reduce its shots.

The crucial example that you can get in Ballistic Overkill steam is the executioner. A 36 base damage enhances up to 40 with Weapons Expert. It can create 5-shots non-tank and non-van classes and 4-shots Shadows with Wraith.

Action Hero

+25% headshot damage, +20% damage resistance against explosions and +15% headshot damage resistance

It is reserved for protecting points, too. If a spot is in danger, a barrage of grenades will be launched first. The Extra Headshot damage in Ballistic Overkill game can become rarely effectual. But, the headshot stand can support.

Courage under attack

If other people fire or throw grenades, the Vanguard class can obtain +20% rate of fire and +35% reload speed for 2 seconds.

The extra fire rate is best appropriate for close-ranged rifles, extra reload speed is used when you are about to cover to load again.

Keep in mind that a suitable usage of the skill can boost the winning chance!


While Vanguard is killing somebody on the map of Ballistic Overkill online, his trait will be increased. So, he will be given +3% of HP recovery and 20% of ammo refill, to the maximum stack of 15% (37.5/43.5) HP recovery and 70% ammo refill.

Barrage is reworked. Now, you can heal and fill the ammo one more time easily. But, you are required to remove 3 persons. At 3 stacks though, it is similar to the original barrage with more healing. The healing bonus cannot completely restore you from a firefight like Vampire. Don’t worry! Still, have unaware antagonist is like the mini medkit.

You should not ignore Barrage with tools having the long reload time such as Widower or Jackhammer/Piledriver.

Controlling it with Bonebreaker will build some tricky situations in which you will activate a reload animation with the clip full and you can shoot it like the reload animation is not valid.

Of course, many people in Ballistic Overkill game will not love that rework. However, their lives were saved.


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