1.0.3 and Ballistic Overkill Hotfixes released!

1.0.3 and Ballistic Overkill Hotfixes released!

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In the short time, we finally 1.0.3 and Ballistic Overkill Hotfixes released! This patch will include a lot of gameplay improvements. Let’s see what inside!

With this 1.0.3 Ballistic Overkill Hotfixes released, we hope you can improve your experience and remove bugs, and other major issues that are reported. Now, we are very happy to give out the changes.
For the Ballistic Overkill gameplay improvements, we have:

  • The barriers to spawn are blocked by bullets and grenades.
  • The default weapons are changed. You have various kinds. But, you still need to set up the own skills before starting to play the game.
  • FOV is updated to 70. And we are trying to allow you set your own.
  • You can adjust the life of character by giving the Vanguard and Berserker 10 hitpoints, and 20 hitpoints for the Wraith. It shortens the difference between them.
  • The red outlines of enemies will be lighter at the edges of the screen. And it is also applied to the others in the far distance.

For weapon balance in 1.0.3 Ballistic Overkill Hotfixes:

  • Decrease damage of semi-auto snipers.
  • But increase the damage of pistols.
  • Decrease SMS range.
  • Reduce shortgun recoil.
  • Reduce a little recoil on most auto weapons.

Fixes for the bugs:

  • The starter default window is Soldier. Remember to set up the own skills!
  • You should play the game with the fullscreen mode. You can find it on the setting menu.
  • The button “invite friends” is also fixed.
  • We added the missing icons for the Machete and Coyote.
  • And we fixed the issue in Coyote with a broken weapon prefabricated.

We have displayed some exciting Ballistic Overkill hotfix in the 1.0.3. However, we can’t stop here. You know, we have the good team getting ready to show you the best solution for your trouble. And now, we are proud that you can have the bugfixes for your Ballistic Overkill game. Indeed, after one day, we have added some fixes with Another Hotfix released! It has new solved bugs. You can pick up right now.

For the gameplay improvements, you will need to have:

  • A pop-up allows players to select the Private or Public match first.

And for the bugfixes:

  • Fix an issue that made gamers appear as the Vanguards even though their class is on the Killcam.
  • Fix the bug that made snipers have the crosshair. The time to create a pen dot at the central monitor is again no scopers!

Thanks for your reading! Hopefully, the latest news we have introduced will help you much.

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