1.3.3 – Reinstate Release

1.3.3 – Reinstate Release

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1.3.3 – Reinstate Release

The map that you will see in the Ballistic Overkill game will allow you to take part in an amazing battle as well as use abilities of every class. Indeed, the Reinstate Factory map is designed to serve you in that case. Although the map has a considerable size compared to other ones, it is able to provide various spots in which the closed range classes can receive many benefits from that. Aside from that, the size of the map can reward a more tactical pacing in turn. Not only that several features are being released, which own many improvements.

1.3.3 - Reinstate Release

Steam Achievements

Ballistic Overkill is a great PvP shooter game which containing a lot of achievements. You can unlock all of them if you win every stage. Some of these achievements are fairly easy and funny while the others are made only for pro-like killers to enjoy.

Password Protected Servers

So far, you can embark on a new task to create the own password. It is very effective for you to defend matches. It’s very interesting because you are permitted to organize parties with your buddies without inviting anybody over Steam Invite.

Enemy Area

When you stay in the Enemy Area, you can be revealed in the radar even though you are using any class. This new feature will supply a clear advantage to all of the spawning players as well as stop spawning camping.

Russian Language

It is the good news for Russian players when the game is now available in your language. You can engage the match without any difficulty related to the language anymore.

New servers in China

Aside from the language for Russian gamers, the community in China is also growing very quickly. Therefore, a new server is suitable to launch in this time so as to improve and upgrade the experience in this Asian country.

Multi-Thread Improvements

To make use of multiple cores better, a few fundamental parts of the code have been reviewed. There are many expected items such as the fewer frame drops, especially in maps like Wonderdome. The optimization that you have is only reserved for the CPU side. Your performance should keep the same if you are restricted by the GPU.

The 1.3.3 – Reinstate Release will present many useful bug fixes for Ballistic Overkill game.

Bug Fixes

  • Currently, Steam invite is working once again.
  • Fixed the issue where Capture Point doesn’t score any point sometimes
  • Fixed the bug where some minor collision gets trouble in the Nox Museum

In addition to this, there are many delightful balance changes.

Balance Changes


  • Reduced the Assault Rifles clip size
  • For Blackguard, Widower, and Stalker, their clip size is decreased by 10
  • For other characters, their clip size is reduced by 5.


  • All Dual Machine Pistols clip size is decreased.
  • The clip size of Scorpion and Typhoon is reduced by 10.
  • Meanwhile, clip size of all others is reduced by 5
  • For Typhoon, the accuracy is improved slightly.
  • For Needler, the reloading speed is reduced slightly, too.


  • The clip size of Destructor is increased up to 64 before0. Their rate of fire is decreased slightly.

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