Ballistic Overkill: 1.1.0 Update with new features!

Ballistic Overkill: 1.1.0 Update with new features!

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Ballistic Overkill Update with new features: new UI, new maps, new music and performance optimization in Ballistic Overkill game is possible from 19 Dec 2015!

Each passing day, we are very eager to wait to announce this update. And it was really a wonderful experience. With new features like those above, you can spice up for this great Ballistic Overkill game. With your contribution, we have tried to improve the error, the problem in the game. Hopefully, it will get better in the future!

With new UI in Ballistic Overkill online, you can enjoy all the wonderful new soundtrack. If you love it, please rest assured that there are so many interesting things await you.

This new updated version is released only affect the UI outside the Ballistic Overkill game. We will soon share a really awesome new HUD and in-game screens for you.

Alternatively, you can discover two new maps. That’s Hakim Hospital Library and Blackfield. Both of them are great. They allow you to play and explore full of new grounds.
Besides, we are also making a few changes in performance optimization. The Ballistic Overkill game will run smoother than ever on your machine.

Thanks for your attention! Remember to keep track of the latest news updates and send feedback to us whenever you want to express your opinions.

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