Ballistic Overkill 1.3.4 – Hotfix And Voice Commands

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.4 – Hotfix And Voice Commands

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Voice Commands

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.4 - Hotfix And Voice Commands

If you have ever wondered how the favorite soldier sounds like while you are traveling to the battlefield of Ballistic Overkill game download, you are able to find the answer to that problem here. Indeed, you can hear it for yourself. Voice commands will be recorded. Besides, there are other useful speeches for every character over the past months. This exciting update promises to bring a crucial gameplay improvement which is called the Skills Feedback. Currently, you can find more than 1,400 voice recordings which were added to your game. They are divided into 6 specific commands. Not only that, there are plenty of automatic messages activated in many cases. All of them are special to each player. If you still prefer muted soldiers, you can turn off the voice command from the settings menu.

Skills Feedback

In the game that you are playing, you are allowed to tell whenever a skill starts to be active with the visual feedback on your own HUD. There are a few skills which also having a stacked effect or timed buffs. They will become visible in the real time. So, you can make skill mechanics more comprehensible to other people.

Mouse Sensitivity

Meeting the demand of some feedback for Ballistic Overkill online, the mouse sensitivity setup is dispensed into three different sliders. They are utterly independent of each other: one for the default sensitivity, one for aiming and one for telescopic sights. This division is very necessary for players who coming from other games because they can keep the same feeling that they used to have.

Always Run

If you are a player who loves running, you can enable the option “Always Run” in the settings menu. When you trigger this function, you will run automatically when you press forward. Meanwhile, you will walk if you holding the run key. This is slightly comfortable for those who run all the time. Remember that you will still make lots of noises and you can be detected by the radar!

Credits Screen

After the past few years, it’s nice to introduce to everyone the people behind Ballistic Overkill shooter game. More important than ever, there are many highlighted members in the community that helped developers make the game until now by providing a large number of valuable and constructive feedbacks as well as translating the game.

Other Fixes and Improvements

There are many fixes and improvements that you should pay attention, such as:

  • The Polish language is added.
  • Added the subtle feedback on the mini-map when you are detected on the enemy radar
  • Added an error message in case the game can’t connect to Steam platform
  • The achievement detection for detection for Sneaky Beaky, Force of Nature, Nostalgia and MVP is upgraded.
  • The bug in Soldiers screen that caused it couldn’t update the proper loadouts is fixed.
  • The bug in Blackfield map that killed the player at random is fixed.
  • The issue related to Last Stand not giving 10% extra life is fixed.


According to the quick feedback on the last update of Ballistic Overkill download, a new patch has been released in order to fix some problems which were presented in 1.3.4 and other required features.

Move while using the Voice Wheel

It’s possible for you to walk, run, jump and utilize the voice command wheel at a time.

Voice Volume Slider

It’s very easy for you to adjust the volume of voices instead of turning them on or off.

Exclusive Fullscreen

Streamers are the ones who requested this so as to smooth the way for their transmissions. Ballistic Overkill is the game which used to run the fullscreen in a mode named Borderless Window. For the Exclusive Mode, the framebuffer is moved directly to the display. It can reduce the input lag. Aside from that, it can assist better the synchronization options like G-sync and Freesync.

End Match Music

The interesting classic Ballistic F2P music has been added to the end match screenof Ballistic Overkill free to play.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug involving Shadow smoke and sound remained after his death is fixed.
  • The problem where Berserker’s Bloodlust UI feedback stacked above limits is fixed, too.
  • Some automatic voice probabilities to play less often are changed.
  • The bug of “Use Mouse Wheel” option to save consistently is fixed.
  • The issue that caused the end match screen not showing up sometimes is revised.

Hope you enjoyed!

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