Ballistic Overkill 1.3.5 – Official Release

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.5 – Official Release

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1.3.5 – Official Release

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.5 - Official Release

Play Ballistic Overkill game and you will have the great occasion to take part in a fierce battle where you have to survive until you win. And now, it’s time to announce that Ballistic Overkill will no longer be in Early Access. It’s ready for you to add to your cart! Just visit Steam and you can purchase the official. Indeed, the game was released on Steam on 29 March 2017. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it will not be updated or improved any more. Actually, there are plenty of major upcoming features which are still in development. It is regarded as an amazing chance to promote the game and increase its community.

First Blood Season

It is the very early season in Ballistic game. You can find more than 180 skins for weapons. Currently, they are divided in five rarity tiers including common, advanced, special, elite and legendary. Note that each of the new seasons will offer completely new drops. They also replace the previous season items. And you will realize the value of these skins in the private inventory when they will not be dropped again in the forthcoming seasons.

Those who are joining in Ballistic Overkill game will be awarded four accessories not existing before based on their weapon skin collection. In addition to this, you can inspect many unlocked accessories in the inventory screen. This will allow you to determine which ones you’d like to hunt.

Shadow Female Skin

Different from other games, Ballistic game download will become one of the good places for girls to play as well. They will begin the battle with the shadow class. And skins for classes will appear in the future.

Costume Skins as DLCs

There are about 8 exclusive character costumes available for players to buy as DLCs. They will not change the models as some of them also alter the voice pack. You can share it with your buddies.

Balance Changes


Grenadier is a “playful, smart, authoritarian” class in Ballistic Overkill game. Their GL’s have a unique mechanic which can make projectiles consider your direction to have an impact on their trajectory. While the others use this as an interesting advantage so as to destroy the target, turning it off is being experimented in order to check out the way it will affect everybody in Ballistic game and see if it will be better or not. Aside from that, the number of bullets is increased for each shot on all shotguns to turn their damage feel into more consistent while keeping the original DPS almost the same.

  • Grenade Launchers

They are effective weapons. But, the character movement influence on projectile direction has been removed.

  • Shotguns

For this useful tool, the number of the ammo per shot is risen up.

The damage per bullet is reduced, too. It means that the max damage per shot either remains the same or is slightly higher.


In the last patch, the clip size of Vanguard’s ARs to balance out his power was reduced. However, Executioner was hurt too much from that nerf. Therefore, it is being gotten back.

  • Executioner

The clip size is increased from 25 to 30.


In this patch, Lone Hunter is seeing a reload speed buff to match the skills’ power of the others. The pistols that he possesses are more viable.

  • Skill – Lone Hunter buffed

Increased the reload speed from 20% to 30%

  • Weapon – Persuader and Machete are automatic!

Reduced Recoil slightly

All balance remains the same.


Assassin and Fast as Lightning were adjusted. Thus, the skill of Shadow will bring the true feeling for players when having more specific purposes. Besides, Shinobi is receiving a small nerf which is able to highlight the goal slowly but very strong sword.

  • Skill – Assassin modified

While Shadows are moving, they will obtain over 50% accuracy and over 50% recoil reduction.

  • Skill – Fast as Lightning are changed.

Shadow will achieve over 10% rate of fire and over 25% reload speed.

  • Weapon – Shinobi

Decreased the attack speed (rate of fire) slightly


Almost members in the community agree that the close range LMGs of Tank are not stronger than they should be. So, it is being planned to activate.

  • Weapon – Brute

Accuracy, damage and reload speed are upgraded.

The range is advanced slightly.

  • Weapon – Chainsaw

Damage is increased.

Range is increased slightly

Bug Fixes

The update for Ballistic Overkill game consists of lots of remarkable bug fixes.

  • Silenced and unsilenced weapon tags are revised.
  • The issue without being able to disassemble some weapon skins is fixed.
  • The in-game chat is improved.
  • Melee attacks ignoring damage reduction is fixed.
  • The camouflage bugs when converting the game quality during a match is also fixed.
  • Finally, “This is Ballistic” achievement award detection is fixed.

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