Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 – Hotfix

Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 – Hotfix

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1.3.6 – Hotfix

The last update changed a few fundamental parts of the Ballistic Overkill online game in order to present plenty of new features. And it caused some problems for many users. Like what discussed over Discord and forums, it is being made to be more stable again. So, the patch will fix most of those issues while others will be able to take a bit longer to be fixed in the next update.

Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 – Hotfix

The game doesn’t open

The awesome Ballistic Overkill free game currently saves all of the preferences of the user in local files. It is great because you will not lose any graphic or control setting every time the game is updated. For some reasons, many systems were not able to write the resolution and fullscreen settings correctly for the first time. This makes the game show a black screen. This detection is pushed up in order to avoid troubles. If you still run the match, you can edit BallisticConfiguration files in the installation folder. So, editing the file outside the game with Notepad should become a more consistent behavior, too.

For Linux users, you can add the following command to the Steam launch options in case you are still facing up to launching problems in the Ballistic Overkill online game. This is the command for you:[-screen-fullscreen 0]

Wrong loadouts in Soldier Screen

With the appearance of the Sledgehammer, the unlock order of every Tank weapon was changed. It made the Soldier screen display the fully wrong loadouts. The loadouts of everybody will be reset so as to fix that bug. Meanwhile, the progression of the player will not alter.

Performance regression

Uncovering performance regression can be tricky. But, the game may never be optimized. You can ask for help with some suggestions below:

For the design and performance reasons, you can see in the distance other teammates who are identified by an arrow instead of the outlines that they have. This solution can block characters from being rendered all the time.

Because the resolution was reset to the own monitor’s max resolution by default, you need to revisit the settings screen and reduce the resolution to something more appropriate for the video card.

It’s possible to explore more optimizations! If your game is slower compared to the version 1.3.5, you can notify to developers.

Bug fixes

There are a lot of bugs are fixed for Ballistic Overkill game, which involved the queue system and spectator mode. Now, all flow will become smoother.

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