Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 – Playing With Friends

Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 – Playing With Friends

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1.3.6 – Playing with friends

The first update brings to players a lot of impressive improvements on the match selection system as well as the server configuration. This makes your challenge easier, especially when you want to play with friends and create teams. It is also the first of several planned updates that will help you advance the experience when you team up with your buddies or interact with others. The developers promised to keep the game balance, fix bugs, and add more contents along with providing other main improvements.

Ballistic Overkill: 1.3.6 - Playing With Friends

Look for other friends on Home Screen

It is a new feature which lets you see, on the home screen, friends who are playing in Ballistic Overkill online. Additionally, you can take part in the same server with them in a quick way. The feature is considered as the foundation of the clan system which is available in the future. To improve this system, a considerable part of the code has been written so that you can connect with other players in matches. You will have the occasion to learn more about these changes below.

A new queue system

You are possible to enter any server you love although it is full. Then, you can spectator the match of your friend until there is a vacant position for you to join. So, the newcomers will have to queue before they participate. It’s very easy to organize teams after that!

The lobby screen and private matches don’t exist anymore. Now, you and others can build teams from inside a match. In case you’d like to play with big groups of friends, you will be offered the ability to create password-protected servers.

Team selection

Players will be asked to select a team before spawning instead of being automatically placed in a team with fewer members. To avoid unbalanced teams, a minimal different in team sizes will be enforced. After those happenings, you need to wait until the team is balanced again. Unlike what occurred before, you will never be blocked from changing teams.

Spectator mode changes

The spectator mode has been remade in order that both of players and spectators can join matches in the same way. It is simple to access from the respawn screen. You can start a match whenever. But, you must queue if you want to play.

Teammate outlines

Characters outlines are changed. From that, you can observe teammates through walls.

Gold badges

Every class in Ballistic Overkill free game which possessing level 100 or more will obtain a golden badge instead of a silver one. You should act carefully when finding it in the enemy faction.

New weapon-Sledgehammer

In Ballistic Overkill game, the tank can unlock a new weapon which gives you lots of advantages in the close quarters’ combat. The Sledgehammer is a melee weapon having a slow fire-rate. It can cause massive damage though. Unaware Shadows can get an unpleasant surprise if they are close to a tank.

New melee animations

Melee weapons will have new animations for sequential attacks.

New weapon stats screen

The weapon Information Screen on the Soldiers Tab is redesigned so that you can equip the skin without difficulty.

New antialiasing modes

The modes will provide the flexibility on game graphics configuration options. And advanced users are able to access through a text file in the Ballistic Overkill installation folder. It’s available for you to experience an improved version for the standard FXAA with the ability to switch to MSAA, of 2x, 4x or 8x. You can combine two modes if you take the graphics to the next level:

  • FXAA
  • MSAA2X
  • MSAA4X
  • MSAA8X

You can see the comparison here []

Custom server commands

Some commands are added to make every problem of those who create the own servers become better when they manage those. If you are the host of a server, you can type these in the chat anytime during the match.

  • ./list

List of the numeric order and players in the match

  • ./kick [player number from the list]

You will kick the player who is identified by that number.

  • ./blacklist [player number from the list]

You can kick and ban the player permanently by that number in this server.

  • ./prioritylist [player number from the list]

You can add the player to the priority list.

In case you want to manage banned and prioritized ones in your servers, you can edit the file BallisticConfiguration.serverdata in the custom server folder manually.

Vulkan and metal support

The Linux and MacOS users can choose the Ballistic Overkill graphic API through a launch command in the Steam properties. Vulkan API is pretty new and has a few bugs. The available APIs include:

  • force-d3d9
  • force-d3d11
  • force-vulkan
  • force-metal
  • force-glcore

You can check the running graphic API by taking a look at the bottom left corner of the home screen.

Balance Changes

Melee weapon changes

What makes the melee weapon become harder is their ability to kill the target immediately by using backstab. It is designed automatically notwithstanding the weapon damage or the health of the prey.

“We’re changing this system to allows us to balance backstab itself via a multiplier so we can have more variance to it. On top of that, we changed the valid angle of attack of melee weapons by reducing it across the board to avoid situations where hits seemed unfair or too easy to aim.”

  • Added Backstab Multiplier

The melee weapons will not put an end to the enemy’s life on backstabs. Backstab is currently regarded as the critical hit. It is similar to the headshot launched from a normal weapon. It means that each weapon will have the own multiplier. You can try the actual values of Backstab Multipliers in the character sections below.

  • Reduced Melee Strike angle slightly on every melee weapon


The Tank should have an extra option related to ‘fast moving sidearm”. Blackhawk is the suitable weapon in this situation. So, the Tank, which is expected to be a swifter than the normal, will search for the Sledgehammer as the best choice.

  • Added Sledgehammer
  • Added the new level 2 unlock to the Sledgehammer
  • Improved all other weapons in the progression
  • Switched Rampart and Brigand unlock position
  • Changed the position of Raging Bull and Last Stand
  • Increased the Raging Bull damage reduction from 30% to 50%


Shadow will have some changes which help players counter the strategy and dominate the current meta while keeping it as a viable option.

  • Xian- added 150% Backstab Damage Multiplier instead of an instakill
  • Ninjaken- increased the attack speed from 100 to 120 and added 200% Backstab Multiplier instead of an instakill
  • Shinobi- reduced the movement speed and added 50% Backstab Multiplier instead of an instakill.
Unlocks- altered the Vampire and Shadow Walker unlock position


There is an additional version of Awareness which is called as an extra trait while the skill is buffed. You will have the ability to distinguish the class from others while making the skill more reliable.

  • Skills-The trait is buffed, which reveals all enemies on the map within one second every five seconds. Even, you can see the invisible opponent.
  • Awareness-The activating time is reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where freezing the free camera from the Spectator Mode
  • Fixed several validation errors on weapons skins
  • Reduced the all-inclusive memory usage
  • Added the Hungarian language
  • Fixed an issue that shaking the camera in the wrong intensity while the player was attacked by some certain weapons.
  • Fixed the bug related to the audio, which tied voice commands volume to general sound effects one
  • Fixed the problem that making the Reset Statistics button reset achievements
  • Fixed the bug where made the glass break too noisy
  • Fixed a bug on Lone Wolf skill (Wraith) when allies positions interfered with the skill effect

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