Ballistic Overkill 1.3.7 – Fixes And Balance Changes

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.7 – Fixes And Balance Changes

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1.3.7 – Fixes and Balance Changes

1.3.7 is one of the patches that contributes to making the Ballistic Overkill free game become better as well as support players in combat or movement and much more. The hotfix will bring to you a lot of interesting information related to fixes and balance changes for classes in the game. The first one that we want to mention is about making the balance different.

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.7 - Fixes And Balance Changes

Balance Changes


For the class, Felon is considered as the longest range weapon that this character owns. However, the firepower that it has is reduced a bit because it often causes something annoying for players due to its strength. Aside from that, we also pay attention to Supernova, which is a very strong option because of the great hip fire accuracy. Thus, its range has been taken away.

  • Weapons
    • Felon – The damage for each bullet is decreased from 38 to 34.
    • Supernova – The minimum range is reduced from 15 to 11 meters (For example, after 11 meters, the damage of this item will begin to fall off)


Snipers of Wraith have a few sorts of “damage tier”. Play Ballistic Overkill, you will see that Ironveil does the lowest damage and Interdiction does the highest damage. Meanwhile, the damage of Magistrate was in a tier didn’t provide to the player a real advantage. Thus, its damage is changed particularly for coping with Berserkers. Also, Curator is being added to this damage tier and Judge is being adjusted to be able to solve every problem with other 150 HP classes.

  • Weapons
    • Magistrate – Increased the damage level from 225 to 235.
    • Curator – The damage climbed from 205 to 235.
    • Judge – The damage becomes greater from 130 to 150.


Grenadier performs less well in Ballistic Overkill online than expected for a while and increases the own HP on a previous patch. Grenadier is made to make you feel more viable, especially when using GLs. Although he is believed that he’s feeling excellently with his new HP pool, he’s still so powerful when utilizing his Machine Pistols which were reliable options before his HP buffs. The patch is nerfing Rattlesnake, Serpent and lessening some bonus movement speed from Last Laugh skill. There is an aggressive playing style which mixing those weapons and Last Laugh skill. It should be less dominant from now on.

  • Weapons
    • Rattlesnake – The minimum range is decreased from 10 meters to 8 meters. Additionally, the spread is increased, too.
    • Serpent – The minimum range is dropped from 10 meters to 8 meters. Meanwhile, the spread is increased and the damage is reduced slightly.
  • Skills – Last Laugh (Bonus movement speed is lessened from 25% to 20%)


The first melee weapon is added to Tank, which is called the Sledgehammer. It promises to give you a lot of fun when using it in Ballistic Overkill ps4 game. Nevertheless, Raging Bull, which was previously buffed to be an overall better skill option, was a little too strong, exceptionally when being combined with the new equipment. You may want to like the way Raging Bull operates and its synergy with the close range weapons of Tank.

  • Skills – Raging Bull (the damage reduction is diminished from 50% to 40%)


It’s safe to alter Marksman’s snipers with Grenadier’s HP buff in order to give out the proper solution with 200 HP classes, directly countering Berserker or another Marksman.

  • Weapons
    • Drone and Warden – The damage is risen up from 195 to 205.

Bug Fixes

  • There are several advances happening to the queue system of Ballistic Overkill online game and spectator mode. Please notify the issues that you are facing with these systems!
  • The bug, where the Shadow Walker skill made Shadow permanently visible, is fixed.
  • Headshot numbers are red again.
  • The problem with frozen 3rd person animations is improved.

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