Ballistic Overkill 1.3.8 – Stability Improvements And Balance Changes

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.8 – Stability Improvements And Balance Changes

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Stability Improvements and Balance Changes

The update for Ballistic Overkill free game is available for you to explore. It is ready to bring plenty of changes and make your experience better. The release will focus on stability improvements. Hope you will realize FPS advances if you used to get issues involved the performance. Aside from that, many bugs and problems are fixed. A few changes have been added, too. You can follow the detailed information below to learn more.

In case you are still getting performance issues and general matters or bugs when you take part in a match, you should use the Steam forums and report them. Your feedback will help the developer team a lot. Click here to get the guideline for reporting

Firstly, we will talk about the changes in the balance of classes.

Balance Changes


In the past of the Ballistic Overkill free to play game, all of the pistols were given a quality of life buff so as to make them become more comfortable for you to use and macro-proof. So, you are able to find them here.

  • Weapons
    • The Switchblade and Agent are currently full automatics.


The power of Custodian has been increased so that the class can continue the sniper damage adjustments. From that, it can double tap Grenadier in the most of the situations.

  • Weapons
    • Custodian – The damage is risen up from 100 to 130


In order to make Grenadier less dominant with SMGs and MPs loadouts, the skill called Firearms Expert is removed from his own skills pool. However, Pyromaniac is added to replace. It is a skill which you can use to cause serious explosions. P/S: The change will reset your Grenadier loadouts.

  • Skills
    • Removed Firearms Expert
    • Added Pyromaniac, Grenadier will obtain over15% explosive damage (It affects grenades and GLs)

Finally, we will introduce fixes for Ballistic Overkill online game.

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.8 - Stability Improvements And Balance Changes


  • There are several improvements to stability and queue systems added.
  • Fixed the inconvenience of Magistrate and Curator damage to completely deal 200 damage to Guts Berserker
  • You will not be able to cancel reload animation with shooting with Tormentor, Mohawk, and Piledriver which causing an unlimited ammo effect. All of them are now automatic. Additionally, they have the own reload speed that you can adjust to keep the same balance that they had before the fix.
  • Pistols that you see in Ballistic Overkill steam game will not bypass draw animations. It was implemented to avoid macro usage.
  • Some Assault Rifle’s GLs doing less damage than intended are fixed.

The small update that we have presented can help you much more during the battle. Let’s return to the game and check them now! Thanks for reading!

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