Ballistic Overkill 1.3.9 – Second Wave (New Season)

Ballistic Overkill 1.3.9 – Second Wave (New Season)

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Ballistic Overkill 1.3.9 - Second Wave (New Season)1.3.9 – Second Wave

1.3.9 – Second Wave (New Season) in the Ballistic Overkill free game is the next drop season. The release includes 5 rarity tier skins collections. They are Urban (common), along with the rest of the Jungle skins (advanced), White Tiger (special), Rose (elite), and the legendary Seaquake skins.

Aside from that, you will receive 4 accessories that do not exist before.

By gathering skins in the update, you are able to open up the Cat Backpack, the Frog Shoes, the Paw Shoes and the Samurai Helmet.

Also, you can find the thirteenth weapons added to Ballistic Overkill online game here. They are the last unlock.

  • Spectre: Berserker’s silenced SMG comes back. It was available during early access.
  • Slayer: An assault rifle with the iron sight that allows Vanguard to make headshots.
  • Demon: Wraith’s second LMG together with more balanced attributes compared to Firebrand.
  • Hammer: Grenadier’s shotgun. It is slower than Terminator but more effective.
  • Devil: Provides the high mobility and accuracy SMG for Shadow.
  • Hunter: A silenced assault rifle with scope for Marksman. You will obtain lots of ammo.

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