Ballistic Overkill 1.4.0 – Hotfix

Ballistic Overkill 1.4.0 – Hotfix

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1.4.0 – Hotfix

Ballistic Overkill 1.4.0 - Hotfix

Ballistic Overkill online game is a cool fast-paced PvP shooter. It is a great place for you to experience. Along with many different classes, skills, weapons, maps, and modes, the game can attract tons of players at once. Not only that, the drop Season will change every couple of months, which helps you to seek accessories and skins. From parks, malls to abandoned hospitals and factories, you can meet up with the most dangerous situations. However, you also can face many troubles during the journey. So as to make the challenge better, the short hotfix was launched to solve bugs, especially the error joining match one. In addition to that, you can receive some changes of the class’s balance. Besides, the guide will mention to a special skill called Ninja, which left no room for counterplay. Thus, it has completely altered. The patch will not stop here because Wraith’s unpopular weapons are buffed so as to make them more aggressive. Along with that, Tank’s and Vanguard’s movement speed in Ballistic Overkill free are increased. The full hotfix details are available below. Read more!

First of all, we’d like to talk about the balance changes.

Balance Changes


  • Skills
  • The agility of his movement speed has been decreased from 15% to 12%.
    • Meanwhile, the Ninja skill is reworked.
    • At the moment, the invisible ability of Shadow in Ballistic Overkill online game will be lost. In return, he will obtain +15% of the damage resistance, +25% of the melee damage. Additionally, his footsteps volume is reduced by 100%, too.


  • Weapons
    • The Hydra clip size is risen up from 16 to 20.
    • The damage of Demon and Firebrand is improved (2 points)


  • General
    • The speed of movement related to Tank and all of the LMGs will climb up to the higher level.


  • General
    • The Vanguard and Slayer movement speed is upgrades.

Finally, we will present every fix for reported bugs in 1.4.0 – Hotfix


From the opinion of the players who have ever played Ballistic Overkill ps4 game, the developer worked hard and figured out the solution for the problem that those people encountered while they were taking part in the combat. These fixes are very useful to ameliorate their existing state.

  • There are many changes, which are made and reserved to fix the “error joining match” issue. After withdrawing from a challenge, wait a few seconds before spawning and participating in another new. It will allow you to avoid the matter.
  • In currently, the awareness (Marksman trait and skill) can find out Shadow and get a skill icon feedback in the proper method.
  • Fixed the issue involved with Wonderdome health packs that would not respawn
  • Fixed elements which were missed in the Hollow’s (map) sky
  • Fixed the loadouts that breaking after you leveled up and picked out the appropriate skills between matches
  • Fixed the bug of duplicated player that connected/disconnected messages on killfeed
  • Tweaked matchmaking algorithms

Thanks for playing and reading! Have fun!

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