Ballistic Overkill 1.5.1 – Bloodlust Update Is Live!

Ballistic Overkill 1.5.1 – Bloodlust Update Is Live!

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1.5.1 – ‘Bloodlust’ update is Live!

Before we embark on exploring the new update for Ballistic Overkill online game, we will come back on the 1 August. At that period of time, the beta version of the Rounds release had been launched. Since that date, a lot of your feedback has been sent. From those comments, numerous additional positive changes have appeared. They also go with the Bloodlust.

Ballistic Overkill 1.5.1

Plenty of people suggested that the Rounds is too passive. Fortunately, that is not currently active. Only the brave player will be successful and the weaker ones will have to stop.

  • In case you obtain a kill in the shortest time, you will be given the higher points.
  • Not only that, you will earn the double score if you collect multiple kills at a premium.
  • For the Rounds mode, it now features on the leaderboards.

A full breakdown

It indicates what has been included in the Bloodlust, do not forget to keep reading the following information!

  • Added Rounds of Ballistic Overkill game to the rankings – you need to end up 5 stages each month if you want to be famous and dominate the top spot
  • Added Rounds to Weekly Leaderboards – you will get the same rules as other modes
  • Rounds warm-up time will be decreased from 34 to 26 seconds.
  • Solved an issue that happened to those people who engaged in Rounds, in which, the foes got visible on the radar when you approached their base
  • Fixed the problem taking place on the Reinstate map of Ballistic Overkill game that caused the Smoke team to break into the playfield too early
  • Fixed ‘Killed By’ message bug that occurred in the Rounds mode
  • Added the status of the match to KillCam so you are able to trail of your allies’ progress whilst they are playing the present round
  • Added ‘Bloodlust’ system to the Rounds mode – it is used to encourage combat and aggressive playing so you will gather the better points when you finish off somebody at the beginning of the challenge (you will be rewarded one point for every 2 seconds until the battle ends, max 35). For instance, on the 1min 30 sec round countdown, you can possess:
    • kill at 1:00 45 points
    • kill at 0:42 36 points
    • kill at 0:18 24 points
  • Double, Triple and Overkill scores will be multiplied by two in Rounds.
  • In Rounds mode, you and others will be provided with the same points for a ‘kill’ and a ‘kill assist.

Balance Changes

There are a few improvements for classes in Ballistic Overkill game.


  • Berserker
    • Thumper: Fire rate will be slightly reduced.
  • Vanguard
    • Jackhammer: Reload duration will be slightly improved while the magazine size will be lowered from 8 to 7 bullets.
    • Widower: The damage is slightly lessened.
  • Tank
    • Mongoose: Slightly upgraded damage and fire rate
    • Rhino: Boosted the reload duration a bit
    • Rampart: Brought down the number of bullets per shot from 17 to 15


Core .net runtime has been increased from 2.0 to 4.0 (It will reduce stuttering on low-end machines).

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