Ballistic Overkill 1.5.3 – Halloween And Daily Missions

Ballistic Overkill 1.5.3 – Halloween And Daily Missions

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1.5.3 – Halloween and Daily Missions

Ballistic Overkill 1.5.3

It is a cool Halloween update which is reserved for Ballistic Overkill online game. It is available and you will have the chance to participate in a fantastic content. Not only that, you are able to experience another feature that is triggered to challenge your skills. Are you willing to overcome every difficulty and become the top soldier?

New Pumpkin Skins

We will have a crate in Ballistic Overkill game. It is full of Halloween-themed treats, consisting of elite skins along with the Legendary Pumpkin Knife. When you are successful in looking for six of these items, you will be immediately provided with an awesome Pumpkin Head accessory.


Come to the current version in the Ballistic Overkill game you can hop into creepy battles which will bring back something unique going on the 30th and 31st of October. You can discover it if you play on those dates.

Daily Missions

If you engage in Ballistic Overkill game in the next time, you will see that the first of your daily objectives will appear on the right-hand side. They are quests that will contain numerous challenges. It is necessary to fulfill all of them, for example, “Eliminate 10 opponents” or “Win 3 King of the Hill matches”. Note that there will be over 90 dissimilar tasks which disguising a series of key elements and lots of variety. There are 3 familiar difficulty levels, including Easy, Medium, and Hard. Once you conquer those rooms, you will be rewarded with 2, 3 or 4 scrap(s). They can be redeemed for crates.

Aside from that, Ballistic Overkill game will grant you a completely different journey every day. You can get up to a maximum of 3 active at any period of the given time. It is essential for you to make sure that you can end up them promptly. At the moment that you are offered those pieces, the oldest one will be put back.

It is said that Daily Missions in the present Ballistic Overkill release will make the game much more amusing and diverse. It can be expanded in the future with amazing stuff if you like it. But, they are only valid to be finished on the official servers and through the Play Now section from the main menu.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to special ones. The first of them will pop up in the coming few days. If you solve them successfully, you will acquire a Mission Crate. Crates in Ballistic Overkill game will be the Halloween skin ones: with guaranteed Elite or Legendary loot. The initial Special Mission will spawn soon. The next objects will be further down the line.

Upgrade cooldown for crates

With Daily Missions, the drop rate of chests will be changed. Whilst you can obtain crates passively, active characters that join Daily Missions will get more per month, with 2 guaranteed Mission Crates (Legendary and Elite). It is expected so more people will connect to servers while they are leveling up on their job.


There are 4 additional skins in Ballistic Overkill game. The Grenadier will be revealed with the Mad Bomber costume set. Meanwhile, the Marksman will dress up as a Secret Agent on her majesty’s service. And, Red Leader Shadow will lead a squad of acrobatic ninjas. Finally, the Vanguard will show with a medieval style, with the other Crusader armor. What you want is from the store. Visit and select everything you love!

Advance infrastructure

Last but not least, the server infrastructure in São Paulo and Europe is being enhanced. You will have a better processing and networking in those regions. So, your matches will become more exciting for sure.

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