Ballistic Overkill: BETA Version Of The Rounds Game Mode Is LIVE!

Ballistic Overkill: BETA Version Of The Rounds Game Mode Is LIVE!

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BETA version of the Rounds game mode is live!

It is easy to experience the fun-addicting Beta version of the Rounds game mode!

BETA Version Of The Rounds Game Mode Is LIVE!


A great Beta version which is reserved for the Rounds mode in the cool Ballistic Overkill game is available for all to enjoy! If you are bored of the familiar matches based on the Battle Royale genre, you should seize the opportunity to explore another “Ballistic Battlegrounds” here from now on. The developer team also guesses that you may want to prefer to run instead of hiding in a corner to spectate everybody.

So, the developer of Ballistic Overkill online game determined to launch the current Beta version of the exciting Rounds mode on Thursday evening (EST). It will set up a special room in which you can see up to 6 people on a team. Aside from that, each progress will only take place within 90 seconds. In case you are killed, you will be eliminated and you have to watch your allies. A party will win if they have the final member alive or they still have the most living players at the end of the stage. The overall winner in the Rounds of Ballistic Overkill game will be the first group to complete 4 rounds.

The dev team declares that they are ready to make a public formal declaration about much more details related to the Rounds mode when the Beta version is live on Thursday 2 August 2018.


We will reveal everything about the Beta version of the Rounds in Ballistic Overkill ps4 game. So, you can read on if you’d like to discover the full break down of what you expect.

  • First of all, the maximum team sizes in the Rounds will be built to 6 for each side, if there are fewer competitors new
  • Everyone can engage in the combat. However, it is essential for these people to wait until the next challenge is activated.
  • In the Ballistic game, there will be no shields for you and your teammates found.
  • But, there will be a cap of no more than 2 of the same class for both factions.
  • When someone falls down in Ballistic Overkill Xbox One, he will be moved to the Spectator Mode. It means that there is no free view camera. And, he will be forced to follow others from his squad.
  • If every player of a team is destroyed, the opposing one will immediately be the champion.
  • When a round is finished without all persons dying, the crew with the most participants alive will acquire the prize.
  • Additionally, you will be the victor if you and your allies achieve 4 rounds before the rival.
  • In Rounds of Ballistic Overkill mac game, each match will have a max duration of 90 seconds.
  • When the same amount of characters survives on two teams, the round will close in a draw and you with the antagonist will not obtain any score.

Balance changes

  • The Grenadier’s life in Ballistic Overkill game was reduced from 250 to 200.

Note that it is a Beta version of the Rounds mode in Ballistic Overkill game. Therefore, the developer will observe and check every feedback from the community in the forthcoming weeks and launch the official game mode later. Are you willing to dig much more about the Beta version of the Rounds? Remember to hop into the adventure as soon as possible and show up your skills! Furthermore, do not ignore working together with your friends! The teamwork is always the most important key that you need to master if you desire to dominate the leaderboard. It’s time to prove your abilities and rule the map! Good luck!

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