Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #00

Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #00

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DevTalk #00

Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #00
Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #00

Welcome to Ballistic Overkill!

We are planning to upload devtalk videos that provide you with updates relating to the evolvement progress. We not only bring you the information but also want to explore what in your mind is regarding our work with this new version called Ballistic Overkill.

Feedback plays an important role to us; this is the principal reason to develop the Early Access with Ballistic Overkill. As can be seen in the first conversation, we give the answer to the following questions, collected mostly on our social media profiles:

  • Will the Brower game come to an end? The PC version will be kept maintaining? If so, then how?
  • What are you going to do to keep hackers under control in both versions?
  • How much will the Steam version price?
  • Technical advantages of the Steam version
  • Can I keep all I obtained in the free version on Steam?
  • Steam version: Classes Rebalance
  • Steam version: New Lobby System

The corresponding video for the Portuguese-speaking community will be posted tomorrow.

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