Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #01

Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #01

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DevTalk #01

Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #01
Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #01

Hi, guys! Let’s check out the brand new video talking about some updates of the fast-paced MMO first-person shooter Ballistic Overkill! We are done posting a new devtalk video exposing some points about the work on building the complete version of Ballistic Overkill. This time, you can see that we sat down with three of our programmers. Please have a look at it!

  • Further information about the implementation and shape of the new User Interface.
  • What are the in-game changes because of the reconstruction of the networking layer?
  • How to arrange the work in between both versions of Ballistic, Steam and F2P.
  • Some detailed information regarding how our Ballistic Overkill internal playtests are coming along.
  • Presenting our brand new community collaboration initiative, more concrete regarding lore.

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