Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #02

Ballistic Overkill: DevTalk #02

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It’s time to join our third devtalk to explore what the game will bring in the upcoming time. Do you still remember what we had in the initial part? We did give an explanation relating to how Early Access worked as well as its features. Later on, we bring you several information about how the in-game graphics that have developed during time in the interview with Amilton Diesel, the Technical Art Director.

About the evolution, just to let you know that we have been busy for working hard throughout the past weeks, along with the closed Beta testers group. The initial version of Ballistic Overkill was being formed in the great condition, and the results don’t make us disappointed.

We have been looking through all the messages that you left on social media, and we need to say that the entire team did get contagious by your eagerness relating to the subsequent Early Access release. No concrete dates have been confirmed yet, but we can guarantee that you will be capable of enjoying Ballistic Overkill open Beta in this September.

Check out the video below here!

You can make a wish list on the Ballistic Overkill Steam store page. You will get the notification by using this way, especially when the game launches.

Throughout this small talk, we will speak to the following points:

Give an explanation on what Early Access is and how to use it well

Interview the Technical Art Director Amilton Diesel, we will ask him something like the in-game visuals definition as well we their growth over the years.

Don’t forget the community collaboration idea, further details relating to lore still welcome your involvement


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