Ballistic Overkill: Teaser + Screenshots after porting to Unity 5

Ballistic Overkill: Teaser + Screenshots after porting to Unity 5

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Finally, we have the exact date to release Ballistic Overkill game: Teaser + Screenshots after porting to Unity 5! It’s available on 8 October 2015!

Watch video here!

From the first shooter that is played by millions of people, you will experience with a new competition.

Played by millions of people

Ballistic Overkill is ready to greet the first download. It is never better than before in # Unity 5. Today, you have just about two weeks until the launch day.

Greet the first download

With this fast paced PvP shooter game, you are easy to play for free. There has no complex rule or setup. You have one objective: kill or be killed! The characters will go to the exclusive skills and a large number of weapons.

Here, in Ballistic Overkill game, all of the people are killers. They fight against enemies for the survival chance, the control of energy.

Be part of Ballistic Overkill Game! Don’t forget any opportunity to catch the latest game news! Let’s wait for October 8th!

Lets wait for October 8th

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