Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.1 – Third Strike Season & Leaderboards

Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.1 – Third Strike Season & Leaderboards

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Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.1 - Third Strike Season & Leaderboards

Update 1.4.1

Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.1 “Third Strike Season & Leaderboards” is now live. It is considered as a big feature that was announced for a short time ago. And now, you are able to play against with multiple people around the world to figure out the best position on the global leaderboards. Not only that, there is an available season. It includes many brand new skins and several cool accessories to choose from. You should take a look at the full detail below to learn more.


Leaderboards are here as previous on test branch and you can check out all of them in-game through another UI icon that is not existing before. It is next to the inventory icon. Your performance within each match will be represented by the skill point and the tier. After you finish a challenge, you will obtain or lose those scores according to what you performed. At the end of every month and week, you will have the chance to receive plenty of rewards based on the point and the tier that you have. To know exactly how those systems run, you can click here to see more

New Season – Third Strike

As mentioned, there is a season that has come with the introduction of the brand new weapon skins and accessories. You will be given a lockbox which contains 1 Third Strike season skin after every 48 hours, and after joining Ballistic Overkill game for at least 2 hours. You are allowed to craft some season lockboxes with scraps, which can be acquired through the rankings rewards system or by dismantling the skins of weapons.

There are 6 skins in the collection for you to gather. They consist of Hearts (common), Desert (advanced), Magma (special), Red Flame (elite), Blue Flame (elite) and Forge (the legendary rarity).

There are 4 accessories that you can unlock them by bringing together the certain number of skins such as Cuirassier Helmet (blue flames + hearts), Magma Mask (magma), Viking Helmet (desert + forge) and the Burning Feet (red flames + forge).

Bugfixes and Changes

  • If you stand on the KOTH point, you will be awarded 50% fewer score points. Meanwhile, the defense kill will be granted in an instant once you destroy an opponent who is in the point or when you remove an enemy from the inside (comprising on Capture Points).
  • Added a button on the home screen that helps you peruse the newest patch notes
  • Achievements are added with the missing LMG Master.
  • The Brute (Tank) range is made better.
  • The Slayer (Vanguard) clip size is improved.
  • Fixed the weapon that lost more than the accuracy you intended while you were jumping and aiming
  • Fixed collision bugs on the Blackfield and the Reinstate
  • Fixed the admin commands that could not work, if you are on a server you own /host, type ./help to see all commands
  • Fixed the first battle of the day XP bonus
  • Fixed the issue that would not be kicked due to the inactivity when you were on the respawn screen

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