Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.3 – Happy Holidays!

Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.3 – Happy Holidays!

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Ballistic Overkill Update 1.4.3 - Happy Holidays!
Update 1.4.3 – Happy Holidays!

The new release was launched on 14 December 2017 in order to give out the best solution for some problems occurred in Ballistic Overkill online game these days.

It is also an important patch in which you will be able to learn much more about a few pertinent issues related to balancing changes in the game together with other recent troubles.

The developing team would like to thank you all for your support during 2017. It was a great year that your favorite Ballistic Overkill game was officially published on Steam. Indeed, it was an exciting period of time when you could meet up with tons of players on the same battlefield of such an awesome fast-paced PvP shooter. Fortunately, everything that you knew will not stop there. There are still a lot of interesting secrets waiting for you ahead. Actually, the team is working hard on the female variant of every class. Aside from that, they are trying out on the Workshop so you and other people will have the chance to begin to build up maps of your own in Ballistic Overkill download game, in the 4th season and much more. Please keep up with the latest news!

Balance Changes


  • Weapons
    • For Ironveil, Curator, Magistrate, and Deadeye, their ability to move with their draw speed, and the fire rate are improved.


  • Weapons
    • For Destructor, its fire rate is brought down while the time before each explosion is added.
    • For One Shot, the explosion radius has slightly risen (just influent on splash damage).
    • For Rhino, its range is lessened.
    • For Hammer, the damage has been modified and the number of pellets for each shot is enhanced for more constant damage.


  • Weapons
    • For Chainsaw and Mammoth, their range will not be increased. But, it will be diminished.
  • Skills
    • For Blitzkrieg, its ammo recovery after every kill will be decreased to 20%


  • Weapons
    • For Anakonda, the damage is notably made less. Its reload speed will grow, though.


  • Weapons
    • For Slayer, the fire rate is upgraded and the headshot damage is shrunk.
    • For Executioner, its headshot damage will become greater.
    • For Stalker, the damage will increase a bit.
    • For Blackguard, the recoil is better.
  • Skills
    • The Trait change can help the max HP of Vanguard in Ballistic Overkill steam game recover 6%. Additionally, it is useful since it will regain 10% of maximum ammo on kills.
    • With the Barrage change, a stack which intensifies Vanguard’s trait will appear after you destroy an enemy. Each of these stacks will give you an extra +3% of HP recovery and +20% of ammo recovery after slaying the foe. The skill that we are talking about can arrange 3 times. After they are completely put together and reunite with Vanguard’s base trait attributes, killing the opponent will allow you to retrieve +15% of Vanguard’s maximum HP and +70% of ammo.
    • The duration of the Courage under Fire skill will climb up to 3 seconds.


  • Wraith and Shadow in Ballistic Overkill free to play game will not have thicc legs and the Burning Feet accessory armed
  • You can lower the Reinstate ambient sounds by choosing in-game sound options.

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