Dev Log 2 – Progression And Drop Systems

Dev Log 2 – Progression And Drop Systems

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Dev Log 2 – Progression and Drop Systems

Ballistic Overkill is an awesome fast-paced shooter game. You have to fight for survival at all costs. There is a new form of energy discovered 15 years ago. It is clean, safe and abundant. It can change the course of civilization. In 2035, a secret war breaks out for the control of this energy. With many unique features, this game quickly becomes popular after launch. In which, you can select a role, level up, uncover additional loadouts, and weapons skins. There are many classes for you to play. Also, you can apply various tactical skills during the battle. And explore a lot of great locations and maps.

Dev Log 2 - Progression And Drop Systems

The developer team is working hard to fix small issues for the update. In this devlog, you can learn more about further information about the update 1.3. This update includes Ballistic Overkill’s progression system and first drop season. The first item that we want to introduce is the progression system.


Progression System:

  • After the update, every character in the game will hit level 1.
  • At this level, all of these characters will own only two weapons, two skills, and one loadout.
  • With this update, you are able to achieve XP after you end the match to level up. Then, you can unlock much more weapons, skills, and other loadouts.
  • Aside from this, you will have an account level. This account will be represented by a portrait according to your level.

Drop System:

  • Play Ballistic Overkill game you have the chance to drop lockboxes which contain weapon skins after every match played.
  • You are restricted to drop items per account because of the weekly limitation.
  • The skins of weapons are rarely different. Meanwhile, different boxes will have different drop tables.
  • All of the skins are permanent. You are possible to sell them. Or, you can trade and buy skins from others on Steam’s marketplace.
  • The update 1.3 is planned for the first drop season which consisting of exclusive skins for early access players. And, items from this season will never drop once more.
  • After the release date, you will receive more drop seasons which giving you more weapon skins and new drop tables.

This update is also planned for the end of October – early November. Some minor problems will be fixed and the patch will be balanced before it. The Ballistic Overkill game will get constant updates and extra contents. So, you can expect to welcome new weapon packs, characters, game modes and levels along with weapon and character skin vanity DLC. If you want to follow the team’s plans and development, you can move to their forums and public task board, voting for features that you love. Remember to check the latest news relating to Ballistic Overkill game to update the useful information!

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