Dev Log 4 – Accessories

Dev Log 4 – Accessories

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Dev Log 4 – AccessoriesDev Log 4 - Accessories

Ballistic Overkill is a great game with lots of amazing releases. Dev Log 4 – Accessories is one of them. If you still remember vanity accessories which were mentioned earlier, you will know that they are coming in the next update. This is the small list of details. They include:

  • Accessories are exciting and global. You and other players in the match can use them easily.
  • Not only that, accessories have many functions like weapons skins. They are only cosmetic. Also, they don’t affect the gameplay of you in any way.
  • Each of them possesses their own requirements. for example,
    • They have ten different skins from a specific collection.
    • Besides, they can achieve a certain account level.
  • In case you lose any items required for an unlocked accessory, either by dismounting or trading, you will lose the access to that accessory until you can meet up with their requirement again.
  • There are many accessories will be added over time. Maybe there is a couple per season.
  • The 1.3 update is still being developed.


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