Hotfixes: December 5

Hotfixes: December 5

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Hotfixes: December 5

Hotfixes: December 5

In the past time, Ballistic Overkill download game updated a few times last weeks. It is because fixes have been done here and they can improve the overall experience. This is a list collecting all of those fixes including ones which have just been released.

  • Weapons level requirement on Soldiers screen is locked.
  • Average as default server filter:

Currently, when you search for servers, the default filter shows Average instead of All. It means that matches in Ballistic Overkill, which are not made in your own region and continent or have a ping higher than 200, will not display. This improvement will support and encourage you to pick better matches.

If you get trouble with looking for matches, you should change the option to Bad. And you can see all of the matches again.

  • Secondary function improvements:

The bug where you would be able to utilize the Secondary Function twice is fixed. From now on, you will not be kicked from the match when you do so.

The secondary function is cancelable by using weapons like grenades, melee, or switching others.

  • A few servers have ping limit:

As you see, some of the server names will consist of a ping limit. These servers can kick you or other players that are on average or above this limitation. Players who can’t enjoy Ballistic Overkill online on those matches will have other available matches.

This system was improved continuously during the week. From that first stage, it was not able to change and it kicked a lot of players. However, it can adapt much more while it still kicks those who are above the limit systematically. If you have engaged one of those servers and you have been kicked, you should try again.

  • Improved character interpolation:

The movement of characters in Ballistic Overkill download will become smoother both in regular matches and in spectator mode.

  • Internal optimizations:

Many small issues in the code were revised. You can hope and receive a slight frame rate improvement.

  • Fixed some related progression bugs
  • Some localization errors were also fixed.

Finally, VAC is being updated in the next days. If you get any kind of cheat engines or hacks, you’d better stop using them before you are banned. The VAC system is automatic. It can’t unban anybody. Be careful! If you want to enjoy the convenience when you play Ballistic Overkill online, you can support the development team and contribute the useful ideas to them. Additionally, you are recommended to check the news and update the hotfixes. Have fun!

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