Incoming hotfix to server issues

Incoming hotfix to server issues

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In this article, we will display incoming hotfix to server issues.

To fix the problems when joining the Ballistic Overkill match, we have just released the patch. So, you can update your game repeatedly.

We have some changes such as:

  • In-match latency display, we added your PING to the host, that is inside the game, on the scoreboard screen.
  • For server regions, we added the name of that region where the Ballistic Overkill game’s match is organized in the server list (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia).
  • To King of the Hill balance tweak, the balance on the KoTH capture point is changed. Therefore, the score counting is slower.

We also fixed some issues in Ballistic Overkill:

  • The Supernova, Sawblade and Oni are the secondary weapons that use the Berserker True Grit skill.
  • To avoid dead servers, we added timeout to Steam lobbies.
  • Fixed a problem made HUD blurry.
  • Besides, fixed the trouble caused HUD invisible while running the Ballistic Overkill game with D3D9.
  • Fixed the Set Resolution’s issue that makes Alt +Tab crash the game.
  • We also updated Unity Engine to fix many UI glitches.
  • Fixed the sniper scope sensitivity.

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