New Updated: Hotfix, Map and Gameplay Improvements

New Updated: Hotfix, Map and Gameplay Improvements

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It’s time to explore everything about update, hotfix, new Map and gameplay improvements in 1.0.4, 1.0.5 and 1.0.6!

On 21 Oct 2015, we released 1.0.4 update with new maps and gameplay improvements for Ballistic Overkill game. After three days, on 24 Oct, we continued to launch 1.0.5 update and hotfixes. Not stop there we have incoming 1.0.6 with new map and hotfixes.

All you have heard are very wonderful, right? We will explore everything one by one.

Firstly, we will find the new and exciting information in Ballistic Overkill 1.0.4 update. Maybe the team worked really hard to give out the essential update with new maps and improvements for the gameplay. From today, you can play with your friends in the Nox Museum. This map has been moved fully to Unity 5. And it looks so good.

Aside from that, we will keep working to fix the major bugs. Of course, we will stop to release the fixes in the short time. So, you can see that 1.0.4 update has some substantial updates such as:

  • The Nox Museum map in the game is possible for every player to join.
  • The Health Stations has the HUD feedback now.
  • The Server Regions has the color to point the lower regions that related to yours.
  • The Quick Match priorities for servers by regions.

Also, 1.0.5 update and hotfixes will be the chance to improve the own experience in this Ballistic Overkill game. Thus, we will have:

Thus, we will have the gameplay update and improvements first:

  • We added the safe area or enemy area UI feedback.
  • A Pop-Up message will be displayed when the host quits the Ballistic Overkill game.
  • We updated Loading screen tips.
  • And we added Portuguese localization into the skill’s description.

Not only that, the has the bugfixes:

  • The strange fullscreen behavior is fixed.
  • Changed collider’s geometry in Nox Museum.
  • Fixed collider’s geometry in Sunnsquare Mall.
  • Fixed the crosshair hit-confirmation bug.

With the incoming 1.0.6 new map and hotfix, we can see that you will play with friends in Hollow Map. It will also be ported to Unity 5. We are going to have some changes in this version, like:

To game update and improvements:

  • You can enjoy Hollow Map as we have talked.

For the bugfixes:

  • We will fix the “ghost” players who appear on radar.
  • And fix collider’s geometry in the Nox Mesum.

With three updates, hopefully, you can play this Ballistic Overkill game completely.
Thanks very much! Don’t forget to follow us and read the latest news. Make sure you have the patience. We will come back soon!

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