Patch 1.1.4 – The Update Of Tank Class And Balance Changes

Patch 1.1.4 – The Update Of Tank Class And Balance Changes

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A lot of important fixes and changes will be shown in this Ballistic Overkill Patch 1.1.4 – tanks class and balance changes. Try to spend a little time to read all of these notes!

Patch 1.1.4 - The Update Of Tank Class And Balance Changes
Patch 1.1.4 – The Update Of Tank Class And Balance Changes

Patch 1.1.4 – Full Release Notes

New Class – Tank

Tank class is the survival expert in Ballistic Overkill. He can take hits that no one can do this. This is the analysis of his traits, skills, and weapons.

Class Traits and Skills

Trait of Tank class includes regeneration and resistance

He has huge health

He can recover 1% of max health per second

Skill of Tank class is well prepared

Tank gains over 10% damage resistance, over 15% headshot damage resistance, and over 20% explosive damage resistance.

Skill is also pretty toughness

Tank receives over 10% max health and over 20% reload speed.

The skill of the Tank is provoked, too.

When the enemy fire or throw grenades to attack Tanks, they can get over 15% damage and over 30% accuracy within 5 seconds. When being hit while he is under the effect of Provoke, he can refresh the duration.

Tanks can use skill very quickly

While Tanks are trying to shoot the target, they will be able to gain up to 15% damage resistance and get -10% movement speed. While not firing anything, Tank can achieve over 10% movement speed. However, this skill only works while you are utilizing primary weapons.

Finally, Tanks have the unstoppable force skill

With this skill, they can have over 4% damage and over 4% damage resistance. Besides, they also get another stack of these buffs for each kill. Caps at 3 kills (max 16% reload speed and 16% rate of fire).

Available Weapons

There are two weapons consisting of Primary and Secondary weapons for the Tanks to use in Ballistic Overkill game.


  • Commando (Assault Rifle)
  • Bruiser (LMG)
  • Brute (LMG)
  • Prybar (LMG)
  • Chainsaw (LMG)
  • Mongoose (Shotgun)
  • Secondary
  • Blackhawk (Pistol)
  • Mammoth (Shotgun Pistol)
  • Rhino (Shotgun Pistol)
  • Agent (Pistol)


“The Berserker closes quickly on his enemies while unleashing a volley of firepower with his Shotguns or SMGs”.

Berserker is the second unit in the Ballistic Overkill game. He has the highest health points and armor. Besides, they have a moderate melee strength. They gain buffs after the end of sprinting for one second. But, his map invisibility might be a bit too much. To compensate for his lost trait, they have the highest bravery to destroy the foe with Shotguns and SMGs. He owns the most varied arsenal.

Class Changes

Trait: Removed the map invisibility when he runs

Weapon Distribution

Felon added as a primary weapon

Assault Rifle with higher DPS and movement speed, but lower range compared to other ARs

Whirlwind added as a secondary weapon

Weapon Balance

Reduced Anakonda recoil

Increased Supernova hip-fire accuracy significantly and reduced damage

Decreased the Whirlwind and Quickfix movement speed

Increased Whirlwind and Quickfix clip size and reserve ammo


Vanguard may be the most powerful class of the Ballistic Overkill game.

Class Changes

Trait: They have the health regeneration when eliminating the enemy. it means that they don’t recover 10% health right on kill anymore. But, instead of this, Vanguard will gain 2.5% health per second for 4 seconds after removing the other. Killing them while this effect is active can add 4 more seconds to the duration

Skill – Regeneration: It makes their health regeneration trait is always active

Weapon Distribution

The Executioner is used as a primary weapon: It has average AR with good hip fire accuracy

Stalker will become a primary weapon: It gets the good accuracy and grenade launcher secondary function

Heavy Metal is a secondary weapon: It can replace other pistols that he lost. It is very similar to Switchblade in terms of balance.

Removed Commando, Blackhawk, and Switchblade

Weapon Balance

Reduced Bonebreaker recoil

Reduced Widower recoil when aiming a bit


Wraith can perform his ranged stealth assassin role excellently, especially when he use his skills from the new Ballistic Overkill system. Even though his survivability is reduced in this patch, he can perform a little in the close range.

Class Changes

HP reduced to 150

Weapon Balance

This patch increased all of the sniper rifles aiming sensitivity slightly

Meanwhile, it reduced Twister and Agitator damage slightly, too

Reduced Twister and Agitator movement speed while you are aiming the target moderately

Increased Hydra damage and range

Raised up the Hydra recoil

Increased Deadeye and Judge rate of fire

Also, increased Judge hip-fire accuracy


Shadow is one of the characters of Ballistic Overkill game. He is equipped with a Katana. To create the competition between him and Scorpion, all of his weapons got small buffs while Scorpion only received a very little damage nerf.

Class Changes

Increased HP up to 160

Weapon Distribution

Add Switchblade as a primary weapon

Canceled Whirlwind

Weapon Balance

Increased Cyclone and Hurricane clip size and reserve ammo

Increased Typhoon damage

Reduced Scorpion damage

Increased Switchblade and Persuader max ammo


Grenadier can throw a lot of grenades to kill the foe on small maps. He needs your help to find a safe place after rebalancing his GLs and explosions. In the patch 1.1.4 of Ballistic Overkill, his skills will be improved and his GLs is adjusted to make you feel more pleasant when playing this game with him.

Class Changes

Trait: Added explosion resistance. It means that he can gain +50% explosions resistance.

Skill: Remade Firearms Expert. He can receive over 10% damage, over 10% rate of fire and over 5 meters to range of all weapons

Weapon Balance

Reduced every Grenade Launcher reload time

Increased Destructor explosion range and projectile force

Decreased One Shot damage on direct hits

Increased Terminator recoil

Increased Sawblade hip-fire accuracy

Fixes and Changes

These are some critical fixes and changes have been added to the  Ballistic Overkill game.

Added FOV and Aiming Sensitivity Sliders to the Options Menu

Added Reset Loadouts button to the this menu

It’s essential to restart the game!

Improved Aiming in Toggle and Hold mode

Toggle can boot quickly with semi-automatic rifles, even when the shooting animation is still running

Hold got many useful upgrades. It is much more responsive.

Changed every pistol crosshair

Fixed Reload blend animation

With some weapons, the sprinting and reloading animations couldn’t mix each other.

Disabled Voting for the same map that you played finally

Many map drafts will be tested soon.

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