Patch 1.1.6 – Linux Support

Patch 1.1.6 – Linux Support

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Patch 1.1.6 – Linux Support is one of the latest updates to your favorite game, Ballistic Overkill. The patch is undoubtedly concentrated on Linux support. Because this problem is pretty important and necessary for users, we determined to research it. We also selected Linux support as a priority. You know that most of the dedicated servers run on Linux (a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution). After a period time of testing, Linux players are able to explore the game with both Mac and Windows users without getting any trouble. We realize that this step is essential for better servers in the next stage. Not only that, we will provide to you the interesting news of solving issues and making some small balance changes. You should check all of these right now!

The first item that we want to give you is about the main improvements which including Linux compatibility and Recoil System Overhaul. All right! We will start with the compatibility.


Main Improvements

Linux compatibility

  • Added the client and server side to Ballistic Overkill. Therefore, the game is now 100% compatible with Linux. From this moment, you are possible to experience your challenge normally and even establish dedicated servers. It means that you become a user of Linux.
  • Once you receive the Linux support, your next work is pretty easy to accomplish. You can create many dedicated servers quickly with no problem via the official or third party servers.

Next, you ought to spend a minute to read the following recoil system overhaul.

Recoil System Overhaul

  • The Ballistic Overkill recoil system was changed and improved so as to fix a longstanding bug in the recoil of the automatic weapon. This has a significant meaning because the bug could swing down when you didn\’t shoot anymore. Although it may not result in any danger to users and be good for burst fire, it would annoy for regular automatic fire. Don\’t worry! This bug was fixed.
  • Aside from that, the recoil reduction skills were fixed, too. Currently, you can use these skills as you want. In addition to this, the recoil reduction is working just for the regular recoil and ignoring up recoil. It is the most relevant part of this system.


Patch 1.1.6 – Linux Support offers a few helpful fixes for Ballistic Overkill such as Aiming Sensitivity Slider now only has an effect on scoped weapons

  • Aiming Sensitivity Slider now only has an effect on scoped weapons
  • Shotguns FOV change when returning from aiming is smooth

Along with fixes, we have balance changes

Balance Changes

  • Increased the range for all of the shotguns
  • Negligibly decreased Switchblade Damage

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