Patch 1.1.8 – Health Pick-Ups And Ammo Changes

Patch 1.1.8 – Health Pick-Ups And Ammo Changes

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Patch 1.1.8 contains many changes and major improvements in Ballistic Overkill which are very helpful for players when they experience the game. However, it stills gets other bugs. If you want to report those issues, please inform on Steam or in the community forums []. Let\’s explore changes of ammo and health pick-ups right now!


Main Improvements

  • Health Packs

The health stations are replaced. And currently, you can encounter many health packs scattered around the stages. If you walk over a health pack (in case your health is not filled), you should collect it and use it to heal quickly. The amount healed will depend on the type that you have already gathered (big or small). After you do this, you will have ten seconds to receive the next ones which appear at that station.

  • Infinite Reserve Ammo

While playing Ballistic Overkill game, you need to reload constantly to keep your gun working. But, your reserve ammo will not ever end. This change helps players escape the fear when they run out of the ammo. Thus, you will own a large number of reserve ammo and you can recover the ammo when you heal in the station. Next, if you don\’t heal your health at the station, you will have no way to recover ammo anymore. And you know when you have the extra kind of pack, you can get trouble with the ammo and the health packs.

  • Weapon secondary function reworked

The weapon secondary functions have a new named. They are called weapon skills. If you hit the weapon skill button, you are able to change the weapon, shoots, and back to the original weapon. Besides, the weapon skills will not spend any ammo. To compensate for this, the weapon skills will offer to you a cooldown of 6 seconds. In the existing version, there is not any UI to notify when the skill is on cooldown or not. However, it will be present in the new UI.

The default button for weapon skills was replaced with E (was V)

  • Not only that, the Ballistic Overkill Map Voting System was changed.

Players can select one of 4 random maps. Each of them will represent a different game mode.

  • Some shotguns right button becomes a melee attack shortcut

It\’s pretty useless when aiming with shotguns! A melee strike is more suitable and effective to the close quarters, run and gun style of most shotguns. In the next time, other changes in the playstyle and differences of guns will be added.

There are several shotguns in the change such as Anakonda, Thumper, Bonebreaker, Terminator, Mammoth, and Rhino.

Meanwhile, other shotguns in Ballistic Overkill get a small precision boost while aiming.

  • Shotguns rebalance

Reduced the shotguns rate of fire and damage

Increased range and recoil

Aside from the main improvements, you can see many changes in the Ballistic Overkill class traits and skills.


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Berserker can hide in Plain Sight

While selected, he loses the own damage resistance trait.

Skill – Reliable Firearms

Shotgun Expert\’s name was changed

Berserker can gain +2 meters to the range of all weapons and +25% reload speed.

  • Weapon Balance

Removed Gremlin

Added Thumper

Reduced Anakonda reloading time

Shooting can\’t interrupt Anakonda reload


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Scavenger

Ammo recovery was removed because it isn’t critical anymore. To compensate this, the damage resistance was buffed to 12% 10%

  • Weapon Balance

Piledriver and Jackhammer in Ballistic Overkill become primary weapons

Coyote and Stalker are changed into secondary weapons

Increased the Stalker accuracy while aiming slightly

Added Gremlin as the secondary weapon

Decreased damage, clip size and rate of fire

Gremlin is automatic

Decreased Heavy Metal clip size and damage slightly

Bonebreaker is automatic


  • Weapon Balance

Decreased Magistrate (220 to 200) damage

Decreased Interdiction rate of fire

Increased Judge damage (100 to 120)

Reduced Deadeye, Magistrate, and Interdiction accuracy while hip-firing

But increased Judge and Warden accuracy while hip-firing

Decreased Agitator accuracy and increased recoil

Reduced Twister recoil

And decreased Machete clip size along with damage


  • Weapon Balance

Reduced Switchblade clip size and damage

Decreased Persuader clip size and damage

Also, reduced swords strike angle


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Launcher Specialist

Now, Grenadier can reach +25% reload speed and +10% explosive range.

Skill – Pyromaniac

Aside from that, he can receive +15% explosive damage and +10% damage resistance.

  • Weapon Balance

Decimator clip size and reload time were reduced while damage was increased slightly.

One Shot and Terminator are automatic

Viper recoil was reduced


  • Weapon Balance

Decreased the clip size for all LMGs

Agent damage was reduced

Rhino and Mammoth range were increased, but damage was decreased

Rhino is automatic

Rhino reloading time was increased


  • Fixed Ballistic Overkill settings not saving bug
  • Added many useful shortcuts to the Soldiers Screen
  • It\’s easy to pick a class and loadout with simplest keys! Just press W, S, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, 1, 2 and 3 to do that. The numbers change the loadout. And other shortcuts make the current class different.
  • Engage quickly the selected server by hitting the Enter button in the Server Browser Menu.
  • Change the weapons with the mouse wheel
  • End crouch by pressing the sprint button
  • Damage numbers from shotgun shots add up to one number
  • Fixed the issue where Tank’s Last Stand kill being stolen or denied by other players
  • Decreased grenade throw animation time
  • Increased grenade explosion volume decay

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