Patch 1.1.9 – Game Mode Improvements

Patch 1.1.9 – Game Mode Improvements

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Aside from the Ballistic Overkill game mode improvements, class balance changes, and the introduction of some cool weapons in the patch 1.1.9, we also should know more about the new in-game UI. This means that the dev build will be unstable a bit for a while. Hopefully, you can send your feedback on this update to help the developer team improve bugs and make the game better. So, the first thing we will introduce to you is the main improvements. They include lots of useful change for Ballistic Overkill.


Main Improvements

  • Changed the health pick-ups position in these locations:

Hakim Library



Sunnsquare Mall

  • Next, the secondary weapon system was reworked

From now on, each of the classes has only one list which containing weapons instead of the list for primaries and one for secondary weapons.

When you engage in the Ballistic Overkillyou can be armed with either a primary or a secondary

You can equip the same weapon in both slots.

  • Smart Server for Free for All

The maps are now divided into many parts in different size consisting of small, standard and large.

The server is possible to analyze the number of players in a combat. Thus, it only picks maps of the allowed sizes

This system is only valid for Free for All. It can\’t make an effect on any other game mode.

  • Chat system reworked

Open chat with the Enter button

Change between channels (all and team) with TAB or Insert

To send the message, you should press Enter again


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Hit and Run

In Ballistic Overkill, Berserker can obtain +30% +35% accuracy while moving and +10%+5% movement speed.

  • Weapon Balance

Added Cobra and Mohawk

Meanwhile, Blister was removed

Anakonda, Thumper, and Tormentor reloading time was decreased

Tormentor range was increased


  • Weapon Balance

Added Switchblade and Agent


Decreased damage

Increased recoil

Reduced the clip size from 16 to 10

And decreased headshot damage from 200% to 175%


  • Weapon Balance

Added Curator, Firebrand. and Persuader to Ballistic Overkill


Increased damage

Reduced recoil and reloading time

Decreased twister recoil


  • General Changes

Removed speed modifiers from Shadow skills and modified skills affected

Decreased Shadow invisible sounds volume

Teammate Shadows will not cause any noise when they sprint. If you hear a Shadow, it should be an enemy.

Shadow can change weapons without breaking invisibility

  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Ninja was reworked

Reduced the Shadow invisibility sounds volume 75%.

Skill – Fast as Lightning

Eliminated speed bonus

Increased rate of fire from 16% to 18%

  • Weapon Balance

Added Ghost, Constrictor, Blister, and Tornado

Got rid of Persuader and Switchblade


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Last Laugh

Reduced speed bonus from 35% to 25%

Increased speed bonus duration from 3 to 4s


  • Class Traits and Skills

Skill – Last Stand

Tank in Ballistic Overkill always arms Blackhawk when in the final stand

  • Weapon Balance

Added Demon, Ranger, Violator, and Rampart

Eliminated Rhino and Agent

Decreased Bruiser and Brute recoil


There are several fixes to Ballistic Overkill including:

  • Raised Small Health Pick-up cooldown from 6 to 8
  • Increased Large Health Pick-up cooldown from 15 to 16
  • Fixed the issue where pick-ups cooldown being reset when a player engages the battle
  • Fixed the bug where Large Health being picked up randomly in Blackfield
  • If Shadow has a Katana equipped, he always uses this weapon for the melee attack
  • Decreased secondary functions time to shoot

– The time to activate the secondary functions is decreased strongly.

  • Increased head hitbox for every character
  • Fixed the bug that Shadow ragdoll remaining invisible while dying
  • Improved Weapon comparison

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