Patch 1.2 – New UI And Marksman

Patch 1.2 – New UI And Marksman

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Main Improvements

New UI

  • Provide better crosshairs
  • Improved TAB screen a lot
  • Every solution support
  • Contain setting in-game
  • And much more


  • Added assault and sniper rifles specialist
  • Added skills which focused on survival ability and enemy detection

King of the Hill Rework

  • It’s impossible to capture KOTH points in Ballistic Overkill! However, players can be rewarded KOTH for staying on the point instead. If you can stay on it for a long time, you will receive more.
  • If a team wants to gain more points per second, the number of their members must be more crowded. You can know the team which has more players by seeing the color of the point and the indicator on the top the screen.


Overall Changes

  • Reworked every skill and trait
  • Raised up health from 180 to 200

Class Traits and Skills

  • Traits and skills of Berserker have been utterly reworked. The main goal of this change is to help him become more unique and give him the own playing style. From this moment, you can realize more detailed skill descriptions appearing in Ballistic Overkill.
  • Trait – Fury Mode: within 6 seconds after Berserker kills an enemy, he can achieve 30% damage resistance.

Weapon Balance

  • Increased Whirlwind and Quickfix mobility
  • Meanwhile, the damage and reloading speed of Whirlwind also increase.
  • Additionally, the clip size of Quickfix is now increased.
  • On the contrary, recoil and mobility of Maelstrom decrease.
  • Increased Dirk mobility and aiming precision
  • Also, reloading speed and damage ability of Supernova are increased.
  • Increased Tormentor mobility aiming


Overall Changes

  • Increased health of this class from 200 to 250
  • Reduced all of the weapons damage
  • And decreased mobility

Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Weapon Expert

Increased the accuracy and recoil reduction from 25% to 35%

  • Skill Action Hero

This character can get +25% headshot damage, +25% of damage resistance which is used to fight against explosions and +15% headshot damage resistance.

  • Skill – Scavenger

Vanguard can recover +1 grenade and fill completely his weapon clip instantly after he walks over a slain body in Ballistic Overkill game.

Weapon Balance

  • Widower

Reduced a little recoil

Increased reloading time

Decreased mobility

  • Increased Executioner mobility and decreased headshot damage
  • Decreased not considerably Agent and Switchblade damage
  • Decreased Agent headshot multiplayer
  • Increased Switchblade ability to move
  • Reduced Coyote secondary function range


Class Trait and Skills

  • Trait

Added the ability which is never present in the enemy radar

  • Skill – Removed Lethal
  • Skill – Added Critical Hit

While Wraith is invisible, this character can get +25% damage.

  • Skill Lone Hunter

Changed from minimum of 20 meters to 10 meters to boot the buff

  • Skill – Cold Blooded

The invisibility of Wraith can be activated while he is walking and this is not possible to break by reloading and changing weapons.

Weapon Balance

  • Increased the moving ability for Curator, Deadeye, and Judge
  • Increased rate of fire, reloading time, and scope sped for Deadeye and Judge
  • Also, increased moderately Interdiction, Warden, Judge, and Deadeye damage


Overall Changes

  • Reduced the health of Shadow from 160 to 150
  • Increased his mobility

Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Assassin

Increased the accuracy, reload speed and recoil reduction to 25% for each of them

  • Skill – Ninja

He can make no invisibility sounds

  • Skill – Vampire

Shadow is possible to recover the health +100% when he eliminates the enemy with a melee attack.

Weapon Balance

  • Increased the damage of swords and mobility
  • Increased Ballistic Overkill Dual Machine Pistols clip size and range


Overall Changes

  • Health of Grenadier is increased from 170 to 200

Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Removed Pyromaniac
  • Skill – Added Strategist

When the grenade is on cooldown, he can receive +10% for damage resistance. If not, he only gains +1.5% of the max health for each second.

  • Skill – Grenade Master

Grenadier can launch two grenades. It increases the grenade cooldown by four seconds.

  • Skill – Restraint

Decreased explosive range reduction from 75% to 50%

Weapon Balance

  • Increased Rhino range and ability to move
  • About Rattlesnake, Viper, and Serpent

Decreased range

Increased reload speed

Increased damage

  • Reduced Tempest moving ability, increased clip size and accuracy
  • Reduced Sawblade clip size, increased reloading time
  • Increased Oni mobility
  • Decimator is automatic
  • Decimator explosion radius, the rate of fire and damage are now decreased.


Overall Changes

  • Reduced all LMGs mobility
  • And decreased all Assault Rifles damage, too

Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Removed Toughness
  • Skill – Added Effectiveness

Tank can achieve +25% of accuracy and +25% reload speed

  • Skill – Provoke

When Tank hits, he can get +15% of damage within 5 seconds. Tank can refresh the duration when being hit while under the effect of Provoke.

  • Skill – Blitzkrieg

Tanks will gain +15% of damage resistance while he is shooting.

Weapon Balance

  • Increased the mobility for Mammoth and Blackhawk
  • Decreased the Prybar, Demon, and Bruiser damage
  • About Chainsaw and Brute,

Reduced range and accuracy, increased damage

  • Increased the mobility for Ranger and reduced accuracy
  • Decreased Commando accuracy


Fixes of Ballistic Overkill game include:

  • Reworked Grenade and Shotgun secondary functions
  • The secondary functions asked for a left click to be activated instead of immediately
  • After being worked, the weapon will return to normal state. And the cooldown timer will start.
  • Fixed the bug where invisibility breaks when passing through small bumps
  • Changed Maelstrom aim decal
  • Decreased Grenade Launcher secondary function damage
  • Fixed some animation loop

Known Bugs

This item provides the list of bugs in Ballistic Overkill which will be fixed in the next time.

  • Players can get trouble when they try to engage the match. But they can get stuck in lobby.

This is the bug can be caused by the unification of the lobby and match system. It is being investigated. You are recommended to play the game on dedicated servers where this kind of bug is impossible.

  • Intruder third person sounds are not silenced.

Intruder is one of the Marksman’s weapons. It has normal sound for other players. And it doesn’t affect its silenced ability (shooting will not let others know your position on the map).

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