Patch 1.3.1 – Holidays Update

Patch 1.3.1 – Holidays Update

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Patch 1.3.1 – Holidays Update

Patch 1.3.1 - Holidays Update

In 1.3.1 patch of Ballistic Overkill game, you will see a lot of improvements related to the dedicated server improvements, Nox Museum map changes, a new holiday accessory, Steam cards and new language options. These changes are made to make you feel better when playing Ballistic Overkill. Also, the game will run smoother.

The 1.3.1 patch is considered as the last update of this year. And after that, the developer team will take a holiday break. They will come back in action on January. We can state that it is a great year for Ballistic Overkill game. It is really ameliorated a lot, from only three classes early in 2016 to a full progression system, with new UI and many amazing improvements. Thanks to everybody who helped and has been helping them during this journey to create a wonderful game! You can check out the completed patch notes below and have fun with it for free!

P/S: All of the loadouts were reset so as to fix some issues.

You’d better uncover main improvement, class traits, and skills along with weapons and fixes right now.

Main Improvements

  • New Accessory – Early Access Christmas Hat
    • They are made to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and the Early Access season. A new accessory has been added. Try to unlock it as soon as possible!
  • Available Languages Updated
    • There are several added languages. They are available for you to select and use such as Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Croatian, Turkish and Chinese.
    • Aside from that, members of the community who supported the developer team translate Ballistic Overkill game will obtain the special thanks in the credits in the future.
    • Additionally, in case you detect any text in one of this language that is still in English, you can understand that that text has not been yet translated or it was adjusted recently. And, it should be kept in English to keep away from misleading information. If you have the ability to make that translation, please contact with developers via email at this address:
  • Dedicated Server Improvements
    • The Singapore servers were added.
    • Besides, you can find more servers added to each region.
    • There is a greatly improved ping for players with some certain network configurations.
    • Now, you will not be kicked out of the match because of ping. If your ping overcomes the limitation, you will be prevented from taking part in the match.
    • Fixed the bug where showing wrong player count in Server Browser.
  • Pick-up Locations in KOTH and CP Updated
    • You no longer find any pick-up inside the base of Ballistic Overkill game. They should be scattered around the map in these modes.
  • Nox Level Design Changes
    • The “Smokes” team has gotten a new high ground path which leading them to the center of the map. Currently, the team which is coming from this side of the map will have much more options to go away from their base and make a surprise attack on the enemy.
  • The last point in the main improvements of Ballistic Overkill is that Steam Cards are added.


  • Class Traits and Skills
  • Trait – Health Recovery is removed.
  • Trait – Scavenger is added. Vanguard has the chance to recover grenades while he is walking over bodies.
  • Skill Scavenger is also removed.
  • New Skill – Barrage: Vanguard will instantly fill 1005 of his weapon clip after he beats an enemy.
  • Skill – Weapons Expert: It helps your character’s attack increase the accuracy and reduce the recoil of the weapon to +25% (was 30%).
  • Skill – Courage under Fire: Reduce the rate of fire to +20% (was 25%).
  • Weapons
  • Coyote
  • Increased spread slightly
  • Improved Secondary Function cooldown time to 10 seconds (was 6)


  • Weapons
  • Increased Magistrate damage


  • Class Traits and Skills
    • Skill – Ninja: Added -5% mobility
  • Weapons
    • Increased slightly the Xian rate of fire
    • Decreased slightly the Shinobi damage and rate of fire


  • Class Traits and Skills
    • Skill – Blitzkrieg is modified. While Tank is shooting the foe, Tank will obtain +10% damage resistance and +10% mobility per second, caps at 3 seconds (+30% for each attribute). When Tank defeats an enemy, his weapon clip will be filled up to 50% in an instant.
    • Skill – Raging Bull is altered. While Tank is sprinting, he can get +30% damage resistance.
  • Weapons
    • Hornet
      • Improved the reload time
      • Increased recoil


  • Change Team limitations
    • It will only change when both of two teams possess the same number of players possible until 25% of the match duration has proceeded.
    • In addition to this, changes from the bigger to the smaller team will be available until 75% of the match.
    • After the match is passed 75%, there will not be any change allowed.
  • Average as default filter has changed back to all.
  • The Quick match is made better and it is re-activated.
  • Fixed the issue where Last Stand sometimes didn’t end
  • Fixed reset loadouts which didn’t work
  • The score notifications for CP and KOTH on the screen of Ballistic Overkill game are added.
  • Handling shooting sounds in spectator mode is upgraded.
  • Fixed the bug related to Steam Overlay on MacOSX
  • Optimized small performance

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