Patch 1.3 – Progression System And Weapon Skins

Patch 1.3 – Progression System And Weapon Skins

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Patch 1.3 – Progression System And Weapon Skins

Patch 1.3 - Progression System And Weapon Skins

Patch 1.3 for Ballistic Overkill game finish matches which allow you to drop lockboxes at random while you are being rewarded with the experience that you gain to rank up the character and account. The lockboxes include many impressive random weapon skins. However, you are able to purchase more lockboxes or skins from others by using the Steam Marketplace. In addition to this, you will be possible to unlock vanity accessories with the completed skin collections. It’s available for you to sell the skins and lockboxes or disassemble undesired weapon skins to gather scraps which are utilized to forge another lockbox.

Main Improvements

Progression System

  • As we have talk above, you will be received the reward with the own experience by completing matches. The experience will help you level up your main character and account.
  • The progression system is useful for you to rank up the characters resulting in unlocking weapons, skills, and loadouts.
  • Not only that, you can level up your account to earn the new portrait.
  • Patch 1.3 is the first version related to the progression system. Thus, many issues are expected.
  • There is no plan to reset your progression in the next time. But, you should know that this is testing version of this system and a reset could be essential for you to cope with problems. Your weapon skins and inventory are still safe from resets.

First Drop Season (Early Access Season)

  • The lockboxes in Ballistic Overkill download will drop randomly after a match is completed.
  • The class will separate the lockboxes. Items in a lockbox will be of the identical class or a random legendary.
  • The boxes will drop an unexpected weapon skin based on the current season.
  • Skins will be saved while you are playing Ballistic Overkill in the Steam inventory after they drop. To equip a skin, you need to unlock its equivalent weapon first. Remember that they will stay in the inventory until you have its weapon.
  • There are three skins in the collection are introduced in Early Access Season. They are:
    • Volunteer (common)
    • Veteran (special)
    • Honored (legendary)
  • Meanwhile, the Regular Seasons (coming later, after Early Access one ends) will drop skins from every rarity tier such as common, advanced, special, elite and legendary.
  • So, you can expect 2 or 4 lockboxes drops per week.
  • When you meet certain requirements, for example collecting three veteran skins and one honored, you will be able to unlock vanity accessories which are armed by anyone in Ballistic Overkill game and they will be available as the requirements are met.
  • The undesired weapon skins in Ballistic Overkill online are possible to be disassembled to exchange and gather scrap metals. If you gain enough 10 scraps, you can get a new lockbox.
  • This is the game where you can find Steam Marketplace easily. You can add more weapon skins from the community or trade or sell any skin that you need.

Spectator Mode

  • From now on, you can take part in matches as a Spectator instead of a normal player.
  • Orbit and Free Camera modes are available.



  • Increased the Quickfix and Whirlwind clip size
  • Removed Spectre


Class Traits and Skills

  • The modified DNA of Ballistic Overkill game’s Vanguard is buffed from 15% max health to 16%
  • The courage under fire is nerfed. Duration is reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.
  • Also, the action hero is nerfed. Thus, the headshot damage bonus will reduce from 25% to 20%
  • Besides, weapons expert accuracy and recoils bonus are decreased from 35% to 30% each



  • Warden was removed.
  • Ironveil was added.


Class Traits and Skills

  • Swiftblade in Ballistic Overkill online was removed
  • New Skill – Swiftness: While you don’t use a sword, Shadow’s gains over 15% of the mobility.
  • Shadow Walker was buffed. It means that damage was increased from 10% to 15%.


Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Launcher Specialist was reworked. Grenadier can achieve over 40% reload speed.


  • Reduced One Shot and Destructor projectile arc and increased direct hit damage
  • Decreased One Shot rate of fire and damage decay


Class Traits and Skills

  • New Trait Added – Tanks of Ballistic Overkill download don’t get extra damage from backstabs.
  • Skill – Remove the unstoppable force
  • New Skill – Raging Bull: While you are sprinting, Tank will obtain +60% frontal damage resistance.
  • Skill – Well Prepared is remade: Tank will not take extra damage from headshots. The Tank can get +20% explosive damage resistance.
  • Skill – Provoke is reworked: When Tank is hit, it will get +25% damage for 2 seconds. Being hit while under the effect of Provoke will refresh the duration.
  • Skill – Blitzkrieg is also reworked: While Tank is shooting, he will receive +5% damage resistance per second. Caps at 6 seconds (30% damage resistance). When Tank destroys an enemy, he will fill 50% of his weapon clip immediately.
  • Skill – Last Stand modified: Tank gains +10% max health and withstands death for 5 seconds. The Tank will be only able to use a specific weapon and he can’t move in this time.


  • Reduced the Demon reloading speed
  • Reduced Prybar aiming recoil
  • Rampart is now automatic


Class Traits and Skills

  • Skill – Preparation was reworked: While a clip is being filled, Marksman can get +20% damage.
  • Skill – Veteran was remade: When you start to reload, you can reload both weapons at a time. While you reloading, the Marksman will receive +50% damage resistance.


  • Ironveil was removed
  • Warden was added
  • Redeemer damage decay was increased
  • Killmark
    • Rate of fire and damage were increased
    • Accuracy was increased slightly
    • Mobility was increased, too.


  • Removed Shadow’s quick sword using through melee
  • Increased all of the shotguns headshot multipliers in Ballistic Overkill game from 100% to 120%
  • Updated all weapon icons
  • Changed damage numbers size system
    • The size and color of the number don’t have anything to do with the damage itself. However, it can do with the body part hit.
      • Feet and legs can display small numbers.
      • Torso, shoulders, and arms let you see average numbers.
      • And Head will show large red numbers.
  • Fixed the bug where allies show up on the map as enemies after changing teams
  • Fixed the issue where multiple players on point capture speed
  • And fixed the bug when players staying idle (AFK) in a match now will be automatically kicked

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