Patch Feedback And Fixes

Patch Feedback And Fixes

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Patch Feedback


Feedbacks of Ballistic Overkill players are really appreciated to the development of this game. And thank you for your contribution that we have this patch. It is the huge one for developer team and they are glad to see everything occur as they intended. They will keep working hard on it and fix all issues in the short time.


We will introduce to you some outstanding fixes that they have already made. They are:

  • Firstly, Team Deathmatch score system was broken in the starting minutes of the patch. However, this bug was fixed. And now, you can run it normally.
  • Next, Capture Point ended very fast for the first hours of the patch. And this problem is also fixed so that you can experience Ballistic Overkill effectively. In both cases, if you are still having problems, try closing the game and letting Steam update the game (it\’s a really small one, so it should be almost instant).

Note that if you still get trouble with these both cases, you\’d better restart the game. Aside from that, you should allow Steam update it. Besides, there are many issues that we forgot to show in the patch notes. They include:

  • Grenades can work automatically every 30 seconds, except for Grenadier, which activates every 8 seconds. This feature will be present in the new UI to Ballistic Overkill when it releases.
  • About chat changing and mute:

You can use the option to turn off the sound when chatting.

Also, you can open the in-game menu by pressing Esc. At the upper left corner of the screen, you can see a speech bubble which showing your chat mute options.

The option to mute chat is now working

If the chat below is not displayed, you can think that you have chat muted and you will not be able to see and or post on chat.

To change the chat settings, you should click on the speech bubble.

When you realize the chat in the menu of Ballistic Overkill, you can come back and chat.

  • Now, the Weapon Secondary function default button is replaced with the E key instead of V.

The final news that we want to talk is about some bugs which will be fixed in the next update. They contain:

  • A few Vanguard weapons are available as primary and secondary because of the default loadouts.
  • Additionally, some weapons can\’t be updated with the weapon stats UI.

Aside from fixes and balance changes, the key point is to improve game modes and make them become better for players to experience. And that is the main goal for the next update.


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