The Guide To Competitive Ballistics (In Progress)

The Guide To Competitive Ballistics (In Progress)

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Fundamental Gameplay Mechanics Part 1

Every first or third-person shooter game, for example, Ballistic Overkill game, has their basic fundamental gameplay mechanics at work. It’s very necessary to remember the FPS/FGM principals to be a truly competitive shooter!

“Point” is the important element in a combat when you start to encounter an enemy. So, what is “point”? “Point” is a dot in the center of the own hip fire reticule. You should know two things to find the point in the short time.

Ballistic Overkill game

  • Firstly, the point that placing in the center of the screen represents the position where your bullet will pass. You can point directly at the target. But this target is not currently pointing exactly at you with his target dot. This detail is crucial because having point on the enemy will increase the chance to kill him or raise the opportunity of surviving by 75%.
  • Secondly, the enemy now has point which applying the logic from the previous statement. We can understand that you only have about 25% chance to win. To protect yourself from the deadly attack, you should dodge and fight back. If you want to improve your K/D ratio, just run away from that dangerous situation.

Point Breaking

If you are aimed while you are being attacked and trying to escape, you can find a small cover in Ballistic Overkill and duck behind it. When you do this, you can prevent the other from pointing you. Aside from that, this is useful for you to pop out behind cover and get point on them. This grants you a 75% improved chance to overcome the difficulty and win the battle.

Following the point engagement rules should improve abilities and collect a positive Kill/Death Ratio. This action also should be considered often.

Risk Assessments and Engaging Multiple Enemies

With this item, you will know when and when not to attract a single enemy. We will research two or more targets at a time.

  • Identify the targets

You should ask yourself these questions: What kind of the enemy that you will engage? Are they vanguards, tanks, or snipers or shadows? Will they use shotguns, any grenade launcher, a sniper, or a sword? They will suggest much important information for you to prepare.

  • Risk assessment

In any engagement of Ballistic Overkill game, there is always a risk. Even, there is a risk in leaving the spawn shield if you are on the bad side of a base camp. Arranging to put that aside. You can avoid being killed very quickly while you are attracting the enemy if you follow these steps which as categorized below.

  • Is the enemy pointing at you? (They will die or escape if you attack first)
  • Is there any sniper hiding at extreme distances? (Go for cover)
  • Is there any close range one hit weapons in range (shotguns or swords)?
  • Can you flee and survive if they launch a nade at you? (You should avoid multiple fights in allowed spaces)
  • Is there any chance for you when an enemy stabs you in the back in your location (back turned to enemy spawn)?
  • Can you perform enough clips or rounds to kill all of the targets and still have some left over?

(Never draw multiple enemies when your health or ammo is low. Try to come back the base to restore and reload!)

These rules are the second nature. You can record your Ballistic Overkill gameplay and watch how much risk assessment plays into multiple enemy engagements and where you become confused.

Ballistic Overkill game

Fundamental Gameplay Mechanics Part 2

How to stay alive when taking fire!!!

There are many tips here for you to use as the basic/intermediate/advanced survival mechanics. They are very effective when you always face fierce fights. Apply these and you can defeat the enemy easily by moving appropriately and stay in the right position. These moves are:



Jumping is one of the best methods to defend your head. Moving up and down in the air can reduce your accuracy.


Spamming the left and right movement keys (default A and D) will protect your head and body.


Strifing is a trick that you can use to fight against snipers and ranged enemies in Ballistic Overkill game. Just move left or right while you are trying to return fire. This action will make the other have to follow you.


Pulse firing

Pulse firing the own weapon in 3 or 4 rounds bursts will increase your hip fire accuracy and you can save more bullets which help you survive longer.

Nading around corners

When you bounce a grenade off the side of a door or a wall, it can do the same around the corner and hit the foe and damage the campers who hiding around that position.


The kill history

There is a list of deaths and kills at the bottom of the Ballistic Overkill screen. If it is filled suddenly with the enemy, you can rush the enemy spawn and commence a camp because when they disappear, they need to have some seconds to spawn again. This also gives you the occasion to observe your surroundings.

Enemy’s reloading

When the foe is reloading, his gun will point up into the air. And his avatar can have the access to the gun clip. While he is reloading, he will become more vulnerable. Grab this chance and attack him!

Out of clip

If you run out of clips while you are still fighting, you should regard using the secondary weapon.


When they are camping, you should not rush. Wait until they are impatient and they move away, you can kill and repel their camp once they don’t see you anymore.

The enemy gun

When your ability is better, you can notice the place that the enemy is aiming by looking at their gun. You’d better move opposite their direction. If you accomplish properly, they can’t acquire a deadly point on you.

Enemy movement control

When you can cause an enemy to rush straight at you, their head will not move anymore and it’s easy to fire them off by backing away from the enemy who uses a close range weapon.

In case there is a sword shadow charging up on you, spray him with some bullets and attack him with a melee knife.

Ballistic Overkill game

Fundamental Gameplay Mechanics Part 3

Situational awareness

It’s essential for you to be aware of what surround you in Ballistic Overkill game and how many available tools that you can use!


Radar is a very significant tool. It provides a general idea of the location of the enemy and where they come from. Try to check it every five seconds when you don’t fight!

Repetitive enemies

The enemy will often move following a preferred route. Finding out their position allows you to know when you can engage and destroy them.

The spawn shield

Never let yourself be in the urgent area of a spawn shield for any time. You always have the opportunity or advantage when you escape their spawn area.

Move with purpose

Don’t run hurriedly whenever you see the enemy! Try to move to the place where you will have cover to fire from there or dodge behind if you come under fire! The enemy spawn is not the only location to camp on a map.

The killboard

This tool is active meaning an empty map. When players spawn in Ballistic Overkill game, you also know where they are.

Friendly dead bodies

If there is not any enemy present and you explore a friendly dead body that has not despawned yet, the enemy who killed him is able to flee for their base. If you are quick enough, you can get an easy kill.

Sniper hotspots

Avoid opening areas of the map which are often covered by snipers! If you face a good sniper in a sniper spot, you need to move slowly, jump from cover to cover on your approach until you are in the safe range to attack. Don’t move following a straight path! Sometimes, attacking an unaware enemy is not the best way.

How to get an advantage once the combat starts

Pulse firing


Just squat and hip fire spray!


The height advantage gives you a greater visibility ratio of your enemies head and you can get a headshot easily while providing to you an easy cover simply by squatting.

Spawn popping

If you are being camped seriously, you can pop out of the own shield to cause minor damage. Return the base while outside fire! Next, you can heal.


Come back the base to recover your hit points if they drop below 25%.

The last information about fundamentals and gameplay improvements

Always record your competitive Ballistic Overkill games on low-quality settings to check the mistakes.

Deaths are mistakes – If you die, you made a mistake.

Take a break every hour, every match – If you feel more stress, you should let your mind and eyes relax.

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