UI Flow Chart – Devlog

UI Flow Chart – Devlog

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The developer team is trying to accomplish the new in-game UI into Ballistic Overkill. They also working on Marksman class for the next update named 1.2.0. This patch will have to take some time to release. Thus, we will share the news related to this update and other future plans. You can watch the new UI flow Chart at this link [trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com].

However, you should remember that they are only mock-ups. This initial version shows you how the Ballistic Overkill game\’s UI flow will look like. As what you see, you can realize lots of screens in the game. But there will be several new ones in the next time, for example, the respawn, settings, scoreboard, and the progression.

The flow chart also provides to you an idea of the way that everything will run. There is a character progression bar in Ballistic Overkill which can unlock all skills, weapons, and loadouts. Besides, skins become droppable items having the same fashion as TF2, Dota2, and CS:GO. The progression and skin systems will arrive in the later patches. They will not present in the 1.2.0 release. Hopefully, this small development update will make you feel more excited for the next ones.


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