Upcoming features: Dedicated Servers & New UI

Upcoming features: Dedicated Servers & New UI

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For the upcoming features in Ballistic Overkill, we will have dedicated servers and new UI.

After reading the feedback about Ballistic Overkill game, the team appreciated, and the great request is about the dedicated servers feature. Thus, we work on fast. Until now, we have just checked out the system internally, and we can release more news in next weeks. Besides, we also try hard for the new UI that will add lots of gameplay experience for you. They are the big features in Ballistic Overkill game, and we can’t show it on this week. Hopefully, you will sympathize and believe in us. We still keep working on the major issues. Remember to follow us on forums and Trello Board!

Trello: https://trello.com/b/Sw21AFJx

Forums: http://forum.aquiris.com.br

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