Winter Sale

Winter Sale

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Winter Sale

Winter Sale

The first item that we will present in the Winter Sale for Ballistic Overkill game will make you surprised.


  • Now, the bug where players can spawn is fixed.
  • Fixed the wrong outline after you change the team
  • Fixed the issue related to death animation not playing
  • Improved and increased the precision of the arrow which showing the position that you will be able to be killed
  • Traditional Chinese added

List of Servers

You can play Ballistic Overkill game with several servers. The developer team will supply to players a full list of servers that you can find good matches in your region. They are:

  • NA West (North America)
  • NA East (North America)
  • Brazil (South America)
  • Frankfurt (Central Europe)
  • Singapore (Southeast Asia)

Most importantly, you are allowed to create your own matches. Besides, there are other dedicated servers created by fans.

Winter Sale

If you often check and pay attention to Ballistic Overkill game, you will know that it already went on sale with 15% off on the Winter Sale. You should grasp this great moment to purchase and own the game or gift it to other buddies. Not only buying the game at the cheapest point yet but also being able to engage in the Early Access season and obtain a lot of unique and exclusive skins which will never drop again. After Winter Sale, Ballistic Overkill game will return to its regular price. After all, it will be more expensive after the launch on early 2017. Therefore, it is the best chance for you to spend money on Winter Sale.


If you have not been a part of our Discord server at, you are recommended to join in. Here, you will have the occasion to meet a cool group of players and look for somebody suitable to play with them, or share builds as well as learn something new.

Bug Reports

If you are searching for a solution for bugs that you experienced in Ballistic Overkill game, you should let the developers understand by making a post on the forum. Especially, during this vacation period, you can check the tutorial at and send your “output_log”. This will support developers and accelerate the bug fixing process when they go back.


Usually, games attached with a growing community will have the intention to implement cheating problems at some points. If you’d like to avoid this problem, developer team can activate many developing tools to ban them. VAC will be released soon. It promises 2017 will be the year that hackers don’t have an easy life in Ballistic Overkill.

Wish you have happy holidays!

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