Ballistic Overkill: Sneak Peek First Alpha World Premiere

Ballistic Overkill: Sneak Peek First Alpha World Premiere

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Sneak Peek – First Alpha World Premiere

Welcome to Ballistic Overkill

Ballistic Overkill
Ballistic Overkill

You guys are going to be mighty soldiers who dare to take up a big challenge! We are very pleased to promote a game with the size and the complication of Ballistic! And now, it’s time to say hello to the new version called Ballistic Overkill! We’re working on it at great step. We are going to try out the initial early closed tests these days. The aim is to take a leap into Steam Early Access as soon as possible so that all individuals can enjoy and have a good time with it! That is a reason we truly wish to share all these doings in the enlargement with you guys.

Since we will not host the regular Devtalk for this month, that’s why we recorded a small video which will display how the game is progressing:

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