Privacy Policy welcomes all of the users! As we know, Ballistic Overkill is a well-known shooting game with great gameplay and fantastic features. The game has attracted tons of players each day, and the number of visitors or users has greatly increased recently. When accessing a certain website for the long-term using, each individual need to know about the privacy policy offered and created by the administrators of that website in order not to trespass or break any rules.

As a great site, we made our privacy policy and we hope all of you can read carefully. You will find out a document indicating your rights and allegiance on The visitors’ privacy is very crucial; we will gather all your information. Therefore, you must read this privacy!

Log Files

You can see that Log Files are things that can be utilized by tons of websites. These materials consist of the information about ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the information of visitor, visiting hour and probably more.

urthermore, Log Files are very helpful, and the webmaster can survey and collect the data, or operate their websites, keep an eye on the behaviors of the users.


Using the Cookies will help the administrators reserve the information regarding the fondness of users. Cookies can permit them to trace the users or adjust the content of the web page, particularly when the users utilize some browsers.

Web Beacons

To track the navigation through the websites, Web Beacons can be very a good tool for doing that. Using Web Beacons with cookies will help the admins acquire an understanding of how the users or visitors browse via that website and get the content at that site.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

The third clan that also uses the cookies to express their advertisements will be Google. With the assistance of Dark Cookies, the ads relating to this website or other ones will be delivered to the users directly.

However, if the users don’t want to get involved in utilizing cookies, they can search on Google then click to find out the content of Privacy Policy.

The third clans will be the ones operating the ads and links when using technology. The browsers that the users are using will receive those ads. The technologies can be included Cookies, Web Beacons, or JavaScript.

If the users want to acquire correct details, they will need to ask more information about those privacy policies of the advertisers. Plus, for those who want to hinder the cookies from working, they will have to achieve it via the separate browser selections.
Check out the ways to manage cookies or browsers more by searching on some of the websites with specific browsers.